Crappy Parking

Argh.  Totally crappy start to the week.  Long meeting in the afternoon meant i couldn’t get much work done.  On top of that, i had to trouble the Biz Support lady to settle my parking… which we thought WAS settled… till i left Golden Shoe carpark and was charged $37 for parking today!!  How crappy is that?  I mean, this is on top of the $290 i’m cutting down expenses to fork out for.

I know i have the choice of not driving to work lah.  But i enjoy the convenience and since i already have the car, why not right?  I mean, paying for the convenience vs. paying for other stuff (whether shopping for clothes, bags, shoes, etc), it’s all a matter of personal choice.

Anyway, hope i can get back a refund of the stupid $37 tomorrow.  I would’ve reversed and left my car at Golden Shoe carpark except that there were 2 cars behind me and so that wasn’t an option i could take.  Sigh.