Bunny Update – Jul 2007

Pinky has an eye infection in his right eye.  First noticed it last Sunday when his eye was a little red.  Was hoping it would go down but he’s still tearing in the right eye and there’s more eye discharge than usual  🙁  Going to call the vet first thing tomorrow to see if i can get an appointment for tomorrow night.  Prayed for healing for poor Pinky.  He’s always been the most sickly of the bunnies.  🙁  Poor baby.  Hope he doesn’t turn blind!  :O

Here’re some recent photos i took of my furry friends.



Muah Chee having fun at the grass patch






Coffee pays Horlicks and Pinky a visit






 Pinky hiding beind the trash bin






Coffee enjoying the freshly scrubbed floor




Please pray for complete recovery in Pinky’s right eye ok?  :'(

Ego Moment

Had another egoistic moment as Iceman and i were discussing our travel plans…

Me: Wait!  Before u sleep, when’s your exam?

Iceman: 1 Sep

Me: So when we going HK?

Iceman: Will have to be after that lor.

Me: Hmm… on the bright side, maybe Old Goat will have relocated to HK by then.  Then got more people to take us out.

Iceman: Take us out?!??  We’re on people’s hit list uh?

Me: For food, club…

Iceman: Oh, that… i thought u meant people want to kill us.

Me: I’m on a lot of people’s hit list what.  I mean, there’re perpetually guys hitting on me right?  It’s tough to be hot.

Iceman: Now i really should sleep…

Me: Hehe.


Went for another party at birdland last night… Fri the 13th.  Can’t believe it’s been 5 months since the last party, and almost 11 months since i first joined Eon!!

WC went to the party with me and i’m glad she had fun.  So did i… more fun than the first party ‘cos i knew more people this time and they were good company. 

And the best thing was, being a “peripheral friend”, i didn’t have to help out with the cleaning either.  Muahaha.  Was sitting just outside HD’s place and enjoying Sheridan coffee liqueur that WC and i gleaned from HD’s neighbour when the rest started cleaning up.  I considered chipping in… but felt lazy.  In the end i reasoned, being a “peripheral friend”, there wasn’t a need for me to help out.  Let the core group do it lah.  Busybody for what right?  Muahaha.

The quality of the gals at the party definitely improved this time.  Unfortunately, standard of the guys remained low… ok… maybe there were like 2 guys who caught my eye… but that was it.  And both weren’t tall.  Sigh.  Sad case.  Then again, i should be positive.  2 cute guys is a 50% improvement over the last party.

I did fall in love at the party though… with Sheridan’s Coffee Layered Liqueur.  I’ve never liked milky/creamy alcohol before… first milky alcohol i ever had was Bailey’s Irish Cream and i decided immediately that alcohol ought to be clear, and not milky.  Haha.  But i was wrong.  Sheridan’s CLL was FANTASTIC!  Woohoo!  Glad WC took a photo of the bottle ‘cos i just sms’d Sharky to ask him to help me get it from DFS when he flies back from BKK tomorrow.  Hiak hiak.

Poor Sharky… he’s helping me get quite a bit of stuff… Dunkin’ Donuts (which he actually offered to send to my place) and Sheridan’s CLL.  But i said i’ll get the stuff from him on Mon in office lah.  Not nice to make him buy stuff AND deliver to my place right?  Haha.  That would be evil.