Rush Hour Three – Fighting Cocks

Saw the most exciting show on the train to work this morning. It was a crowded and sleepy train ride for most people i guess.. when the morning rush hour boredom was broken by a woman’s shrill voice.


Everyone turned to stare at the source of the voice. A woman was standing between 2 men and she was trying to “break up a fight”. Well, it wasn’t really a fight lah. The 2 men were just jostling, pushing, and slapping each other.

More repeats of “STOP FIGHTING!” continued and suddenly, there was an even louder, “OH MY GOD! GOT BLOOD!”.

Blood? Hmm… yeah.. about as much blood as i get when a pimple squeezing effort goes wrong.

The 2 guys then started glaring at each other among more subdued pushes.

Guy 1, “Stop pushing ok!”

Guy 2, “You push me first hor!”

Guy 1, “I wasn’t pushing you ok! You were the one!”

Guy 2, “Who says? You pushed hor. I saw your hand come out!”

Guy 1, “You dare, go police lah!”

Guy 2, “You were the one who started it!”

Guy 1, “See who’s wrong! Go police lah!”

Guy 2, “OK! Next stop i get out & go!”

When the next stop rolled around, all 3 of them – the couple and the 2nd guy – got off and made their way to the police station (i guess?).

I couldn’t stop laughing. The way they were fighting was hilarious. Sissies!

This isn’t the first time i’ve seen people fight on the MRT. The last time i saw people fighting like this, was when 2 aunties started quarrelling on the MRT station platform but they were way more violent… they took off their stilettos and threatened serious bodily injury to each other… till their daughters pulled them away. Heh.

I really wonder what would i have done if something similar happened to me… i have after all, scolded people during the morning rush hour before. I suspect i would’ve gone into bulldozer mode and let off a string of expletive-laden scolding and insults like,

“Don’t think you f-ing sissy and fugly means i don’t dare hit you. Push what push? So fat just go blardy lose weight lah. And take that fugly woman with u. Good grief. Be more civic minded can? Freaks like your wife & you should be kept behind bars. Chains! Chained to the kitchen! Who let you out of your chains woman?”

Yup. That would be my style. Hehehehehe.

Anyway, my apologies to everyone for not having taken any photos nor videos. I wanted to but alas my height didn’t allow me an vantage view over the crowd. But if you see something like this online, it’s real. I was there. 😉