Making Money

I really don’t get it.  Saw on a Ch U trailer that xiaxue has been living off her blog earnings for a few years.  Why on earth does she earn anything from her blog at all?  Her English is bad, her writing sucks, her posts are boring… all she does is hurl abuses at others and people pay her for that?

Told Booze Queen about it and we analysed what i should do to improve the ratings of my blog.  I could (bearing in mind that i need to target a different market segment from xiaxue)…

  1. Write in bad Chinese.
  2. Bitch and use every vulgarity (Hokkien, Malay, Cantonese) i know about everyone i know. 
  3. Gossip about my colleagues.
  4. Speculate about who’s gay in office.
  5. Spill the beans on all the scandals.
  6. Show off my boobs.
  7. Show off foreign bf who is not caucasian (Hong Konger can or not uh?  I like Hong Kongers leh… they’re foreign to Singapore?)
  8. Write about the best chicken wings in CBD (vs. xiaxue’s best shopping buys)
  9. Write about the various types of alcohol.
  10. Write about the various ways to hide your puke at a club/pub.

Now how’s that for increasing ratings huh?