Countdown to Australia!

I’ll be going to Australia for about 2.5 weeks starting 18 Mar.  Am happy to be going on a long leave and to a place I’ve never been before… but I’m also worried that it’ll be a bit of a waste of time.  I’ll be going to Melbourne, Tasmania and Adelaide and I have no idea what I can do and how to get about in Melbourne and Tasmania.  Haven’t had the time to check out any info on Melbourne and Tasmania at all!  Will be meeting up with Iceman in Adelaide so that portion of the trip should be ok.

Strangely, I don’t have very high expectations of Australia.  That’s probably why I’ve never felt a strong urge to visit the country.  Heh… apparently, Australia is the first "angmoh" country that Singaporeans visit so I’m kind of like an outlier not having visited Australia before.

Anyway, if anyone has ANY recommendations at all about what to do in Melbourne & Tasmania, or tips on travelling in Australia at all, please drop me a comment!!