Roach Riddance Rampage

Ok, so my title exaggerated a little but I liked the alliteration.  Haha.  Was in the bathroom just now when I heard a persistent fluttering of wings against the insect screen on my bathroom window.  Saw a "teenage" cockroach on the screen.  Real foolhardy roach.  I had time to finish doing my business, wash my hands and take the insecticide (I recommend odourless Shieldtox) from outside the bathroom and sprayed at the roach.  It dropped away from the insect screen pretty fast.  Thank goodness for the insect screen else I think I would’ve freaked out if the roach flew into the bathroom!

After I showered, etc, I was going to go outside my bedroom to get a cup of water when the action of opening my bedroom door seemed to cause it to scratch something against the floor.  Good grief!  It was another small roach.  I guess I semi-paralysed it ‘cos it was dragged along in a arc-shape as I opened the door.  However, as I was holding too many things in my hands, I didn’t have the time to grab rough paper to kill the roach and it managed to escape under my wardrobe.

Credit goes to Shieldtox again!  I sprayed the entire area below my wardrobe with it and after 5min, the darn roach came crawling out.  *Piak*.  For once I felt happy to hold a Singtel bill in my hand.