Musical Chairs

     I was in a dilemma whether to attend an old friend’s wedding dinner coming up in Nov.  When he first told me about it, I was quite looking forward to it.  I like attending wedding dinners.  I feel it’s an honour to be invited and I’m always happy that friends (especially those I used to be close to but don’t talk much to anymore) remember me.  The dilemma I faced with attending this old friend’s wedding is that I’m not close to anyone else on his guest list… and I only found this out in church today, after I had agreed to go.  

     I thought about it while driving home from church today… but eventually concluded that when I attend a wedding dinner, it’s ‘cos I’m happy for the bride/groom and the rest of the guests shouldn’t matter – unless my attendance poses a problem in terms of seating arrangement.

     So the matter was settled within mind till my friend came online and asked if I still wanted to attend the dinner since the other 2 people he initially planned to seat me with weren’t going.  I thought about it… and asked if it would be a problem slotting me into a table.  He said it wouldn’t be.  So I thought about it a bit more and later sent him an sms to say "Yes, I’ll be going".

     My friend then replied, "You sure?".  Now this threw me off guard… er, maybe he was being polite and was actually trying to hint that he was having problems seating me?

     I replied saying, "Eh… Your question very odd.  I’m neutral.  I’ll just attend your church wedding then".

     My friend then explained that he just wanted me to feel comfortable and didn’t want me to feel obliged about going.  I told him that I’m not the type to do things out of obligation and am happy to attend an old friend’s wedding – be it church, dinner, or both.  What was more of a concern to me is that I don’t mess up his table arrangement (which I attest, can be a real pain).  

     In the end, I thought about it for another 2 seconds… and sent another sms to say that my final decision would be to attend the church wedding only. 

     My friend’s reply was, "Final decision ah?".  Aiyoh… I tell you… nearly fainted.  Say yes also kena questioned.  Say no also kena questioned.  I replied, "Yes Boss!".  That ended the dilemma. 

     Actually, I very much want to be part of an old friend’s wedding celebrations.  But I don’t want to be a sore thumb in the table arrangements either.  Weddings are difficult enough to plan already without well-meaning guests posing more problems in spite of their good intentions. 

     I hope my own table arrangements will go on smoothly next year!

Girly, Not

I am sad.  Truly sad.  I just spent the last 2 hours searching for "girly, feminine, cute, sweet, bunny" WordPress themes but found none.  I think WP designers do not understand the meaning of "girly, feminine" and so on.  A few websites were proclaiming excitedly about some girly/feminine themes and an example of what these sites considered "girly" is this:

 pink feather 

I’m not saying that that theme is ugly.  But tell me, in what way is it feminine or girly?  Just ‘cos there’s damn pink feather there?!?  Similarly, these are not girly.  They are more kiddie than anything!




 working girl


What I consider sweet and girly would be any of the designs found on this site.  My favourite being these:





Unfortunately, such sweet themes are only available for Blogspot users.  I even considered going back to Blogspot since it supports external hosting sites too.  But I think the features in Blogspot are more limited… but I’m not sure.  Maybe I should talk to my webmaster after his wedding…

Slut & the Jerk

     Am feeling really angry for my friend.  She has decided to divorce her husband and what a jerk he has turned out to be!

     This guy:

  • – Will not lift a finger to do housework.  Even when my friend was 6 months pregnant, she had to wash the clothes, wash the toilet, wash her car, etc.  The jerk would only wash his precious motorbike.
  • – Is totally inconsiderate.  He would switch the fan on at full speed and blowing directly at the bed.  When my then pregnant friend told him she was feeling really cold, he told her to sleep in the study room.
  • – Can let his baby sleep on a mattress soaked with the baby’s pee because he was too busy playing computer games in the next room.  Never mind the fact that the baby was crying non-stop… till my friend came back from work.

     My friend eventually walked out of the family home about 2 months after her baby was born.  She tried to go for marital counselling with the jerk… but he scolded the counsellor who eventually told my friend either she wait another 10 years for him to mature, or file for a divorce.

     So my friend decided to formally separate from the husband.  The jerk then went to the US for work (he’s a technician with the airforce).  About 6 months after he was there, a ex-girlfriend visited him and he took her to tour the US.  My friend found photos of them taken together – with his arm around the girl’s waist, hugging her from the back and so on.  (He admitted to sharing room with her and sleeping on the same bed even though he insists that "nothing happened").

     Amongst the photos my friend found, there was also a more recent photo of the slut lifting up her top to expose her pregnant tummy (yeah, the slut was pregnant with her "boyfriend’s" kid… though this angmoh boyfriend is now based in HK and does not acknowledge that the kid is his… yet she’s supposedly sticking with him while gallivanting with the jerk).

     I was soooo tempted to post photos of the jerk and the slut here but it wouldn’t be fair to expose their identities since that would affect my friend, who will soon be fighting with the jerk for the custody of her son.  Initially, I told my friend that even if she’s divorced from the jerk, she shouldn’t stop the jerk from seeing her son ‘cos that would probably impact her son negatively.  But thinking about it now, I wonder what sort of "good" example the jerk would set for the son… moreover, if he could leave the son crying and soaking in his urine when he was a helpless baby, what care or concern could he ever provide for the son?  You’ve seen Beauty and the Beast… now welcome to Slut and the Jerk.