I think Pinky needs to lose weight urgently.  He’s getting fatter and fatter.  I told my mom this morning that my dad is essentially killing Pinky by overfeeding.  As it is, Pinky’s tummy, instead of being curved in like normal rabbits, is bulging out.  When he lies stretched out, his body is way bigger than his shoulders and hind legs.  Pinky’s father, Muah Chee, died at a very young age – about 3 years old – 99% ‘cos of overweight, which can lead to heart disease, diabetes, intestinal congestion, etc.

I’m going to measure out the amount of pellets Pinky is allowed to eat per day.  (That’s what my dad overfeeds – pellets and grains).  I think I shall buy some toys to motivate him to play more – run around, hop, whatever.  Sigh.

We need to save our favourite bunny!!  🙁

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