Epitome of No Sense of Direction

image I had an argument with my mom this morning.  Every morning, I take the PIE and exit via slip road 3A to get to Simei Road.  Last Sunday, a new traffic light became operational at the slip road.  This traffic light helps pedestrians walking from Tampines St 31 to Simei Road to cross the slip road.

While I detest having an extra red light to stop at on my way to Simei MRT, I guess it’s right to install a traffic light there to prevent pedestrians from dashing across the slip road as cars usually move at a pretty fast speed as the slip road is down slope.

My mom complained that she doesn’t see the point of having a traffic light there as it serves no purpose.  My dad tried to explain this to her before but she keeps saying it “serves no purpose”.  So I tried to reason with her this morning. 

My mom said that pedestrians should cross to the opposite side of Tampines St 31 before walking down to Simei Road.  I was like huh?  If a person wanted to get to the bus-stop on exit 3A side of Simei Road, why would that person cut across to the opposite side, and then cross back again?  Moreover, even if a person was walking down from the opposite side of Tampines St 31, that person would still have to deal with the slip road at exit 3B right?

Then my mom said, but there’s no way you can walk down from Tampines St 31.  I was like, why not?  There’s a pavement all the way so why can’t you walk?  My mom then said, “How can there be a pavement all the way?  Cars can drive horizontally across Tampines St 31 what”.

This got me totally lost.  Since when was there a perpendicular road cutting across Tampines St 31?  This was the route we take when we go home from Tampines.  Duh?! 

My mom then said, “Of course there is what!  The road that you’re driving on before you exit at the slip road.  That road cuts horizontally across what!”.

*Faints*.  I nearly died on the spot.  I was like, “Mom… that’s the PIE.  It’s an elevated expressway that goes ABOVE Tampines St 31.  Don’t you realise that’s why we have to TURN OFF the PIE down a slip road that’s on a DOWNWARD SLOPE?  The PIE and the roads below aren’t even on the same level!”.

My mom wasn’t fully convinced.  She said to “see again tomorrow”.  I told her I’d gladly bet $100 with her but she didn’t take up my bet of course.  Good grief.  This must be the epitome of “no sense of direction”.  Gosh… it’s not just a lack of sense of direction… it’s a total lack of awareness with regard to the surroundings!

Gift Exchange

With Christmas round the corner, everyone’s rushing to do some "last minute Christmas shopping".  I was buying some toiletries at Watson’s just now and the lady in the cashier queue behind me was loaded with tons of pre-wrapped decorative items, face towels, etc.  As she dumped the entire load onto the cashier counter (knocking into me in the process), her hand reached out to grab some teddy bear candle/wax that was at the shelf just below the cashier.  My immediate thought – a lot of people are going to get some very useless gifts this Christmas.

Sometimes I think whoever came up with the idea of having a gift exchange did it to save money from buying a gift for everyone.  I suppose if everyone participated wholeheartedly, having a gift exchange could be fun.  Unfortunately, more often than not, a gift exchange (especially office ones!) is a place where most presents given end up as unwelcomed, "white elephant" gifts.

Take Iceman for example.  His kind colleagues have ensured that his cup will never runneth over.  Kind of hard when you have 5 spare cups sitting in the cupboard.  Thankfully, I’m not subject to any mindless gift exchanges in the office.

A couple of years ago, my church cellgroup decided to put a little twist to this whole gift exchange thing.  Instead of getting a random gift for someone in the cellgroup, a "white elephant gift exchange" was introduced.  The idea is to exchange an unused gift that you received with someone else in the cellgroup – with the hope that the recipient can find some function for the gift.  Heh.  Some funny gifts have appeared in the last 2 white elephant gift exchanges.  I think my personal favourite has got to be this coughing ashtray.

Anyway, Iceman was subjected to another gift exchange this year.  Instead of buying another meaningless gift, Iceman thought maybe he should write a cheque of $15 and address it to a charity.  That way, he would be helping the recipient make a donation to the less fortunate this Christmas.  I thought that was a brilliant suggestion.  After all, what could be more meaningful than the gift of giving this Christmas season? 

Not sure if Iceman went ahead with that idea because there was some resistance from some of his colleagues when he told them the idea.  *Rolls eyes*.  Perhaps some people prefer white elephant gifts after all.  I suppose I could dig up some useless photo frame for them…