I’m decided

I’ve decided not to use the French Bridal MUA for day 1 of the wedding.  In my obsession with my makeup and new blog feature, I forgot to mention that the French Bridal MUA said something that I was not too happy about.  While doing the slipshod trial makeup for me, she casually mentioned that some customers are very demanding and it’s not good ‘cos if the MUA is not in a good mood, she will not be able to do a good job for the customer.  I was like WTF?  Is that some veiled threat or something?  Although her tone wasn’t threatening, I nonetheless felt that that was not an appropriate thing to say.

On top of that, she looks super dowdy lor… lousy dressing, rough skin, dry frizzy hair with no makeup except for nicely drawn brows.  Doesn’t inspire much confidence.  I didn’t want to be biased because an ugly person with bad dress sense might still be able to do a good job but having said what she said about how MUAs might not be able to do a good job if they’re not in a good mood, I think that’s the last straw.  So even if her makeup skills on Tue turn out better than my usual hair stylist, I’ve decided that I will still not use her.  Bleah.


Forgot to add… another thing that I’m really happy about Yuki (my hairstylist) is… the makeup brands she uses!  E.g. Majolica mascara (I told her about the new Expander Eye Frame and she’s getting her niece to buy from Taiwan immediately.. haha) and lip gloss, Shu Uemura eyeshadow palette, etc.  😀

If anyone else wants to hire her for makeup/hair, drop me a note.  Her usual charge for makeup and hair (in Singapore) is $400.  $50 extra if you need her to be at your place before 7am.  She’s also a hairstylst and works out of the Prettybox studio at Tg Pagar. 

Trial Makeup 2

Had a trial makeup with my usual hair stylist today.  I like her style a lot more… and the fact that she didn’t do a heavy eyeliner on my lower lid.  Now I’m torn… should I save $$ and stick to French Bridal’s MUA for the actual day morning makeup?  Or should I get my stylist to do everything?  (She’s charging $500 ‘cos she needs to be at my house b4 7am).  I’m leaning towards the latter…

Time of Day

The bunnies felt that they had enough of my cam-whoring and that they deserved more air time on the blog so here’re more photos of the cuties!


Pinky feeling bored on a Sat afternoon.


11042009959 11042009960

Horlicks was bored too.  There wasn’t much to do on a Sat.



Horlicks wanted to come into the house when she caught me taking photos from the sliding door.


 11042009962 11042009963 11042009964

Pinky decided he wanted to come in too.  (They didn’t get their wish though ‘cos I went out after taking the photos).



Lazy Pinky.



Pinky squeezes in with Horlicks to eat her food (click on the image and u’ll see Horlicks next to Pinky!)



Pinky being  groomed by Horlicks.



Oops… I think Pinky overheard me saying he’s spoilt.



Horlicks, the great mommy to Pinky.


Sorry for the greenish tinge.  It’s caused by the polycarbonate boards that shield the front and side of my house from the sun.

New Feature – Windows Live Photo Gallery

Noticed this new feature on the latest Windows Live Writer 2009 but didn’t test it till now.  When I select multiple photos and paste them into my blog post, Live Writer prompts whether I want to paste the photos directly, or automatically create an album in my Windows Live photos gallery and add a link to the photos from my blog post.  I can then control who gets to view the photos from my Windows live photo gallery permission setting. 

So as long as you’re on my MSN contact list, you can log in using your MSN id to view the photos!  Hehe.  Yippee!

For starters, here’re the gowns I’ve selected. 



Isn’t this cool?  My first cam-whoring outing.