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I’m decided

I’ve decided not to use the French Bridal MUA for day 1 of the wedding.  In my obsession with my makeup and new blog feature, I forgot to mention that the French Bridal MUA said something that I was not too happy about.  While doing the slipshod trial makeup for me, she casually mentioned that […]

Trial Makeup 2

View Full Album Had a trial makeup with my usual hair stylist today.  I like her style a lot more… and the fact that she didn’t do a heavy eyeliner on my lower lid.  Now I’m torn… should I save $$ and stick to French Bridal’s MUA for the actual day morning makeup?  Or should […]

Time of Day

The bunnies felt that they had enough of my cam-whoring and that they deserved more air time on the blog so here’re more photos of the cuties!   Pinky feeling bored on a Sat afternoon.     Horlicks was bored too.  There wasn’t much to do on a Sat.     Horlicks wanted to come […]

Noticed this new feature on the latest Windows Live Writer 2009 but didn’t test it till now.  When I select multiple photos and paste them into my blog post, Live Writer prompts whether I want to paste the photos directly, or automatically create an album in my Windows Live photos gallery and add a link […]

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