Clearing Pics on 13 May 2009

Clearing pics from the digicam, I found these…


 P1020404 P1020405P1020406

MC finds it necessary to be suitably clothed


P1020410  P1020409 P1020408

New slippers bought from Esprit.  I’m absolutely delighted with them!  This is the first pair of slippers in my life (as far as I can recall) that doesn’t fall of when I lift my feet off the ground!  I love the colours too!



MC disturbing Iceman.  Hehe.

Nail Art – Silver Heart Stickers

If you haven’t learnt by now, I’m obsessive compulsive by nature.  Although I did the last nail art stickers only last Fri, I wasn’t pleased that the top coat was applied too thickly and unevenly on some nails.  So when I bought more stickers today for my cousin’s wedding, I decided to use one set today.  Here’s the results… 🙂

 P1020444 P1020445

P1020446 P1020448

I’m pleased… but now I’m short of 1 set of stickers again.  Heh.