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Hyatt Food Tasting

Had our food tasting session at Hyatt tonight.  The hotel did as close a mock up as they possibly could to the actual dinner.  Once we came up the escalator, we were greeted with a signboard that said, “Vanda Room 1, Private Dinner of ‘Iceman’ & ‘UptownGal’.  Similar signboards pointed the way to the dinner […]

“Does Not Mix Well”

I know this might sound weird given that I have a blog and the things I blog about are obviously open for public scrutiny, but I absolutely detest it when people who know who I am, but yet do not know me personally, start “keeping track” on what’s going on in my life.  A good […]

Another Ring

This is the other ring that my parents gave me for the wedding.  My mom also bought another pair of pearl earrings last Sat.  Will take a pic when it’s ready!  (Customised the design a little).  🙂

It’s just a 3.2MP camera with no auto focus so don’t expect much…   Pinky resting by the front door.     Horlicks joined him…   Pinky ran under the TV sideboard when he heard shouting and screaming coming from the TV.   The bunnies match the furniture and flooring hor?  😛

The Low Down on the T707

Booze Queen and I bought the Sony Ericsson T707 just now.  BQ got the pink one and I went for the blue one.  The phone’s ok so far… the OS being a little slower than my N82 (which is surprising ‘cos I thought the lag on N82’s symbian OS would be worse) but that’s not […]

Sony Ericsson T707 or W508?

Can’t decide if I should get either of the above phones.  I like them ‘cos they’re flip designs though specs wise, they’re considered a down a downgrade from my Nokia N82.  The T707 looks more stylish than the W508 but while the former has 3G capabilities, it doesn’t have full support for videos calls as […]

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