Hyatt Food Tasting

Had our food tasting session at Hyatt tonight.  The hotel did as close a mock up as they possibly could to the actual dinner.  Once we came up the escalator, we were greeted with a signboard that said, “Vanda Room 1, Private Dinner of ‘Iceman’ & ‘UptownGal’.  Similar signboards pointed the way to the dinner on the 3rd floor (as they will on the actual day).  There was a captain and 2 waitresses attending to us so the service was of course impeccable.  The food was more good than bad… pictures below.  🙂

P1020520 P1020518

Left: How the normal guest table will look

Right: How the VIP table will look



The wedding cake.



Deep-fried Prawn in Yam, Grilled Japanese Eel on Garden Green, Tom Yam Maki Roll, Seaweed Chicken Roll with Bak Kuah and Marinated Soya Topshell with Sesame Sauce.  (I personally loved the prawn in yam and the seaweed chicken roll!  The rest were so-so.  Nothing to shout about.)



Shredded Seafood Thick Soup with Conpoy and Enoki Mushrooms (other ingredients include fresh scallops, shredded abalone, prawns, and lots of crab meat).  No shark’s fin soup as Iceman is against the killing of sharks.


 P1020531 P1020533

Canton Roasted Chicken with Walnut Topping (My favourite dish of the night, not counting dessert.  The skin was really thin & roasted to the most delicate crisp.  Fantastic!  Someone commented that the texture of the chicken skin tasted like suckling pig skin.)


P1020534 P1020537

Steamed Live Garoupa with Superior Soya Sauce.  (Huge fish!  Was slightly overcooked though.  Not up to scratch).


 P1020538 P1020539

Braised Sliced Abalone with Shiitake Mushroom.  (Another yummy dish.  The mushrooms were cooked just right, a little “springy” when bitten, not tough (a sign of being undercooked) nor soft (overcooked).  The abalone slices were excellent too.  Not rubbery at all.  Liked this dish too.)


P1020540 P1020543

Sautéed Scallop with Asparagus served in Cheese Basket.  (The cheese basket itself sucked.  Tasteless & hard.  Served no other purpose apart from making the presentation of the dish look good.  The scallops were nice & “crunchy” and I liked the asparagus.)


 P1020544 P1020547 

Steamed Crab Claw on Zucchini, Fungus with Dried Shrimp Sauce.  (Very interesting fusion dish but the gravy wasn’t distinct enough for me – as in I like flavours that are distinctly spicy/ sour/ sweet.  The crab claw was tasty though.)


P1020548 P1020549

Sweet Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nut in Coconut Pumpkin Sauce.  (This was super delicious!  Instead of having pieces of cut pumpkin, the pumpkin was made into a smooth sauce.  The entire dessert was smooth, not over sweet, not oily, simply heavenly!)

If you’re attending the wedding, I hope you enjoy the food.

P.S. There was also a Wok-fried Korean Glass Noodle with Rice Vermicelli but I was too lazy to take photos of it.  Heh. It was good though.  🙂

“Does Not Mix Well”

I know this might sound weird given that I have a blog and the things I blog about are obviously open for public scrutiny, but I absolutely detest it when people who know who I am, but yet do not know me personally, start “keeping track” on what’s going on in my life.  A good example would be two of Iceman’s cousins based in Australia.  They minute they saw on Facebook that Iceman and I were together, they dropped me notes and wanted to add me as their friend.  One of them even said something like "If Iceman loves you, we love you too".  Ok, I know they were just joking and being friendly but that still freaked me out. 

Initially, I added them as friends on Facebook because I didn’t want to be rude.  But I know they check out my page every now and then ‘cos they leave comments and so on and it really irks me!  The things I post on Facebook are for friends to see.  Not for people who think they know me when they don’t.  I concede that some may consider my behaviour anti-social… but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when one of them did a "How Well Do You Know Serene" quiz that I set up for my friends.  In the end, I deleted both of them from my list of friends.

I think I have a pretty broad criteria for adding people as friends on Facebook; the minimum being that I have at least "spoken" to you online, be it via MSN or ICQ or MRIC or even e-mail.  In addition, these "online friends" were formed for a reason – common areas of interest, being on the same team in some online game, etc.  Thus, being purely a friend of my friend, doesn’t count. 

So, I’m anti-social that way.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s ‘cos I’m an only child and so I do not mix well with strangers.  (I always give strangers a very cold shoulder when they talk to my in public).  I think the crux of the issue is that I need to retain some control over what people see of me because this will affect their impression of me.  If people meet the real me and hated me, that’s fine.  I won’t change who I am.  But to "know" me through Facebook alone?  That’s too one-dimensional and I don’t like it.

The Low Down on the T707


Booze Queen and I bought the Sony Ericsson T707 just now.  BQ got the pink one and I went for the blue one.  The phone’s ok so far… the OS being a little slower than my N82 (which is surprising ‘cos I thought the lag on N82’s symbian OS would be worse) but that’s not my main gripe about the T707.  My main gripes are:

  1. The keypad is really difficult to press!  The buttons are too flat which make them difficult to feel.  I didn’t get to try typing on a new set (at least not one with a battery inside) so I couldn’t fully gauge how difficult it would be… though I expected some level of difficulty with it.
  2. It doesn’t come with a USB cable!!!  Grr… this really annoyed me.  Lucky my mom’s SE hp has one.

The good thing about it?  It’s light, sleek & chio.  Plus, it’s my favourite flip phone design.  I suppose I couldn’t complain less since I only paid $128 for it…

Noted another good thing about the N82 though… it’s able to function w/o a sim card.  The phone just boots up in the offline mode which means I still can make use of the camera (yay!) and I suspect the GPS should still work (can’t test it out ‘cos my licence expired over the weekend and I haven’t decided if I want to renew it).

Sony Ericsson T707 or W508?

Can’t decide if I should get either of the above phones.  I like them ‘cos they’re flip designs though specs wise, they’re considered a down a downgrade from my Nokia N82.  The T707 looks more stylish than the W508 but while the former has 3G capabilities, it doesn’t have full support for videos calls as there’s only 1 camera on the phone… which means people can see you during a video call (assuming the phone’s "closed")… but you can’t see them because the screen is closed!  Sort of stupid right?

I am however pleased that the phones’ camera doesn’t come with auto focus… which I believe means there won’t be the irritating red light when you take a picture.  This is very important for taking discreet photos of people (esp. when I see someone/something funny/stupid on the MRT).  The auto focusing light on the N82 makes it too obvious for this sort of covert shots.  Hehe.

Anyway, I’ll probably wait a while till the price of the phones drop (the W508 was launched recently and the T707 should be launching soon).  :)  No harm checking them out and reading up on user opinions meanwhile!






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