Welcome to the Addams Family

there’s a really bitchy person in my company whom we nicknamed “Morticia” due to her close resemblance to the character in the Addam’s family.  i’ve recently crossed swords with her a couple of times due to her inability to read e-mails.

in our latest fracas this morning, she (as usual) sent a mass mail to my big boss requesting that he “help UptownGal with….”.  i wonder why she can’t address me directly since i’m also in the mailing list.  perhaps she finds it below her status to speak to a lowly employee like me.  anyway, as i already provided her minion (hereinafter known as “Uncle Fester”) with whatever she requested for last Fri, i did a mass reply to her e-mail stating that i’ve already provided what was required.  another strange thing about Morticia is that she always writes in her e-mail to “download the document” to Uncle Fester.  this stumps me time and again.  how do i download a document to Uncle Fester?  does he have a USB or firewire port sticking out of him?  or do i just stick a USB device up his ass?  *rolls eyes*.