Every once in a while, we may need to make certain career choices – whether to stay in the same company, or even in the same industry.  I suppose the decisions made can be based on a number of factors: remuneration, career development prospects, recognition, title, working environment, etc. 

I recently thought of changing industry.  I suppose was tempted by the new challenges it would bring and the fact that it would be an excellent “Plan B” to the colonisation attempts that are happening in office right now.  The “pay bump” as Wanbao puts it was also a good incentive.

After due consideration, however, I finally decided that I may be getting ahead of myself in executing a “Plan B” when the worst has yet to happen.  In addition, I am confident that looking for another job has never been a problem for me, and all the more will not be a problem now.  So I’m going to hang around for a little while more & see how things pan out.  🙂

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