Miss Engrish Strikes Again!

Received another e-mail from Miss Engrish today.  In it she said, “on the other side, due to the huge number involved, I suggest doing the cancellation in patches.  Kindly advice if you have any other arrangements”.

Whoa.  What an cheem statement!  Are we taking sides now?  What patches are we talking about?  Nicotine patch?  Software patch?

Then it occurred to me… she probably meant, “on the other hand, due to the huge number involved, I suggest doing the cancellation in batches”.

Recalling her recent e-mails, I feel like replying, “on my side, I empathise herein again the huge number involved.  I will check with the client and revert upmost update timely after weighting all information on hand whether we can cancel in patches”.

Damn You Auto-Correct

This has gotta be the most classic “damn u iOS autocorrect” story i’ve heard. My colleague’s ex-boyfriend SMSed her to say that he’s getting married. She was happy for him as they’ve remained friends and wanted to reply, “Congrats!”. Unfortunately she typed wrongly… and her iPhone auto-corrected it to “Contest!”

The guy went silent after that.


We always say it’s wrong to make assumptions about people. To judge them by material things or by their appearances, etc. But a person’s choice is influenced by his/ her personality and character. So then is it wrong to make assumptions about people based on the things they buy or the clothes they wear?


English has been the official language in Singapore for the past 3-4 decades. It is also the primary language used in schools. It thus puzzles me when Singaporeans around my age cannot seem to handle the language.

An underwriter I’ve been dealing with recently has made the most atrocious mistakes ever!! Here’re some examples of the horrendous English I’ve had to read recently.

1. “As adviced to the policyholder…”
Is it that difficult to differentiate ‘advice’ and ‘advised’?

2. “We seek your upmost help to provide updates timely”
I had to read that sentence like 10 times. “Upmost”? “Updates timely”? What the hell…

3. “After weighting all information on hand…”
Weighting information?!?

4. “As highlighted to you previously, we would like to empathised herein again”
Glad to know the underwriter has so much love and empathy…

*Rolls eyes*

iPad, First Thoughts

So i’ve been learning how to use the iPad and i realise I’m really not attuned to how the iOS operates. What i like so far is how portable the iPad is and the excellent battery life. It’s a fantastic device for reading news (love reading all my tech news on Flipboard). The big screen also makes it wonderful for my favourite Angry Birds game, not to mention that certain interactive games that can be shared with friends, like Hanging With Friends, can be quite enjoyable. There’s one or two excellent apps I love, like Weibo and Flipboard, and the screen display is excellent.

That said, I’m also not used to the restrictions iOS imposes on people. I don’t like how I’m forced to sync entire folders if I want to add photos or music to my iPad. I don’t like not being able to use Flash cos many retailers such as Coach and Fitflop have sites that require Flash. I don’t like the way iOS highlights/ selects text. I miss my cursor keys that I’m accustomed to from my Nokia. I don’t like how I’m forced to paste/ embed pictures in e-mails or how I can’t attach files to them. These are basic things that I’ve gotten so used to on my Nokia handphone that I’ve practically taken them for granted.

My conclusion after using the iPad 2 for 1.5 weeks is that this is gonna be an interim device for me – till someone manufactures a great Windows based tablet. And, I think I’m still going to use Symbian/ Meego handphones for a while… till they die out entirely…


Something About Me

Everytime i leave the office, I see guys waiting for their (presumably) wives/ girlfriends in their cars below my office. Makes me wonder If i would enjoy being chauffered around since i detest driving. But after weighing the pros and cons, i’ve concluded that i detest being reliant on someone else for my transport needs even more than i detest driving. Heh. I cherish my mobility too much. :p

Stupid No Cure

When you read about someone embezzling say $12mil, even though you may not agree with what the person did, you might still take your hat off the person for having the audacity and smarts to carry out the plan. But when the sum involved reduces to say $12,000, then i think that person is stupid. Similarly, if someone chooses to breach certain contractual obligations, i would at least expect the financial gain to be worth the legal risk. For $12,000, i will only say one thing, “MORON!!!!!”.