Possessed Ipad

Just occurred to me that i got a “good deal” from Apple repair. What happened was that my ipad got possessed recently. Yup. Possessed. The ipad would open apps on its own, change my settings and even try to play Bejeweled with me. Highly irritating. So i brought it to Epicentre. Told them my ipad was possessed and showed them a video of the ghost wrecking havoc. Don’t think the guy fully bought it cos the official problem description said, “ipad operates on its own”. Now how’s that different from being possessed right?

There was a slight risk that Apple might reject repairing under the warranty cos there was a dent on the corner but the risk was eliminated and my possessed ipad got replaced with a refurbished unit. Anyway, here’s the good part. The original warranty for my ipad ends on 25 June 2012 but there’s a 90 days warranty period for the replacement set (starting from the date it got replaced) which means my new warranty ends on 31 Aug 2012! Yay!