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Weirdoes Galore

Good grief.  Iceman sent me this article of this Japanese tourist who stayed at a Mexico airport for 117 days and then mysteriously disappeared with a woman in a cab.  Check it out here.

Mongkok Caustic Attack

Booze Queen… better not hang out in Mongkok next time you go to HK… ===================== Dec 15, 2008 46 hurt in HK acid attack HONG KONG – POLICE here were investigating yesterday after dozens of Christmas shoppers were burned by bottles of acid hurled from a high-rise building onto one of the city’s busiest streets, […]

Kiss of Deaf

I’m not gloating over the lady’s misfortune but the thought that kissing can lead to loss of hearing tickles me. ==================================== Woman turns deaf after kiss SHANGHAI – A PASSIONATE kiss ruptured a young woman’s eardrum in southern China, state media reported on Monday, in what has been dubbed the ‘kiss of deaf’. The 20-something […]

Don’t Say Govt Stingy…

Saw in the news today that PM Lee said: "In a big economy, you can boost consumption. The government gives money, people spend it and it’s spent within the economy. Most of it stays in, a little bit of it leaks out. You get a multiplier and the economic activity goes up. In Singapore if […]

Poor President-Elect, Obama

This never really crossed my mind before – that those in office might not be allowed to use e-mail or other similar forms of online communication.  I feel Obama’s pain… ============================================ November 16, 2008 Lose the BlackBerry? Yes He Can, Maybe By JEFF ZELENY WASHINGTON — Sorry, Mr. President. Please surrender your BlackBerry. Those are […]

The Noose

     The second season of the Channel 5 satirical variety show The Noose just ended its run last week.  I loved watching The Noose… I thought the first weatherman of season 2, the "Tomorrow’s weather?  Hot… humid… what did you expect?  Snow ah?" guy was simply hilarious.       Anyway, I decided to create a new […]

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