Live & Die

Not sure if anyone has noticed but while I’m pretty full of praises for the N8, I’ve never actually told anyone to “go get it” and this includes my husband!  The reason for this is because I think getting a handphone that you are satisfied with boils down to personal preference; so while I can share how happy I am with the N8, I cannot tell you how happy you may be with the N8.  I’ve tried to give reasons as to why I like the N8 and what I’ve been able to achieve with it, in hope that these reasons can help others decide if the N8 is the correct phone for them. 

Similarly, I’ve often condemned the iPhone but I hope those who’ve heard my complains realise that the reasons I hate the iPhone are also very personal ones, e.g. I really struggle with a Qwerty keyboard (unless it comes with SWYPE!!).  I also require my phone to take good photos (‘cos I loooooooooooooove snapping photos of my bunnies and of the food I eat and I don’t want to carry my digicam around with me) and the iPhone’s camera sucks (relative to Nokia’s).  I’m also not a person who’s big on games.  The few games that I like are, Raving Rabbids (on my X6), Angry Birds, Bouncing Bricks (and various variations of it) & Monopoly (had it on I can’t remember my N95 or N82 and now on my N8).

Being able to customise my hp is also very important to me.  One of the first things i do everytime i get a new Nokia is to set up Contact Groups (e.g. family, office, hubby & buddies) and set individual ringtones for these groups.  Being somewhat obsessive compulsive, I have had the following phone profile modes for the past 7-8 years, i.e. General Profile (normal ringing tone w/ no vibration alert), Office Profile (a much softer ringing tone), Outdoors Profile (super loud + vibrate mode on), Silent mode (only vibrates) and Privacy Profile (phone only rings when certain Contact Groups call – super important when I’m on leave or on MC).  To date, Nokia is the only manufacturer that has offered me this customisation feature.  I would be terribly upset if I had to use a phone without my customised profile modes.

I could go on for another few pages on why I love Nokia but I think I’ve made my point clear as to why people need to take personal responsibility over what makes them happy.  In my boss’ words – you live and die by your decision.  (Er, though he said that to me when he asked me to decide who to hire).  Hahahha.

Second Thoughts – WordPress App for Symbian

I’ve posted a few entries to my blog using the WP app for Symbian phones.  Like I mentioned before, the interface is neat and user friendly.  It’s also easy to manage your comments using the app.  Unfortunately, I found a major flaw with it – posting pictures is impossible!  I’m using the Nokia X6 32GB phone so memory space has never been something that I’ve had to be concerned with.  I have 225MB of free memory on my “c drive” and 21GB of free space on my “mass memory” (the drive comes partitioned).  You can imagine my horror, therefore, when I was unable to add photos via the WP app because it says my handphone ran out of memory!  Gosh!  If even the Nokia X6 can run out of memory, I daren’t imagine the other Nokia models.

I’ve posted this problem on the Nokia WP forum (  I hope someone finds a solution to it soon – else, I’m just going to stick to Wordmobi.  Although the interface is unattractive, at least it works!

New WordPress Client for Symbian

i’ve been using Wordmobi to post to my blog for a few months now and the software’s pretty stable. the down side to it is that the interface is very simplistic and perhaps not as user friendly for people who do not understand html codes cos u need some knowledge of that in order to edit links and pictures posted.

i’m thus glad to share that there’s now another WordPress client available for Nokia phones! written with QT, the interface of the Nokia WordPress Client is very similar to the web version. not sure about how stable it is – typing my 1st post with it now – but it certainly looks promising. check it out / download it from

the 1 drawback i’ve noticed so far.. if u’re wondering i’m typing mainly in small caps, that’s cos the start of sentences are not capitalised by default and i’m too lazy to press an extra button each time i want to change the caps.

Cool Symbian Apps!

Iceman 1st came across these apps on Windows Mobile Marketplace & told me that the Symbian version is available too. Here’s introducing 3 apps that’re very handy for Singaporeans!

1st is the app to check your mobile data usage. This is compatible for M1 & Singtel subscribers. I tested it earlier & I think it works pretty well. I also like how it gives u the amount used in terms of percentage, which is more intuitive to me than seeing the raw numbers.

The 2nd app is the Roadmate Live. This nifty app uses Google Maps to pull up the map of the place you’re looking for. It also provides extremely helpful information such as live traffic news, carpark rates and bus arrival times. The price for Golden Shoe carpark seemed right so I guess this app should work pretty well. Loads of practical information.

The 3rd app is Filmscope which provides updates on movies screening time and locations in Singapore. Totally cool!

So don’t wait anymore. Go to for details!

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Disappointed with Nokia

I found the first major flaw of the Nokia X6 – it doesn’t come with QuickOffice nor Adobe Reader!  Both apps can be downloaded from the Nokia OVI store at a cost of S$32.99 and S$14.99 respectively.  I’m terribly disappointed about this since both software came FREE with my Nokia N82.  Hmph.  Nokia should’ve given this free for users lor.  Angry.  🙁