Just saw from Airbus’ MSN nick that his dad has passed on. I suspect it was rather sudden ‘cos i don’t remember him mentioning any health problems his dad had to me before. I know Airbus must be feeling terrible now ‘cos he’s an only child and now that his dad has passed on, his mom would be all alone in M’sia. Guess he must also feel sad that his dad would not get to see the bungalow that he bought for them. I wanted to find out more but given how our last conversation ended, i was afraid that he might think i was patronizing him. So i said, “hey, just saw your nick about your dad… my condolences”. His reply was, “thx”.

Short, concise, maybe a little too sterile. I wanted to say more but i didn’t want to make things any worse than they already are. The last time i blogged about Airbus in “Shortcoming”, i was really mad & insulted, totally indignant about his opinion about me. But at the end of the day, i still regard him as a friend.

I don’t know how to comfort Airbus. Maybe that’s why God created prayer.

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