Rabbit Hopping School

Pinky’s been doing ok so far. She’s (disclaimer: u can’t really tell the gender of a rabbit till they’re closer to 6 months old) grown quite a bit of fur so she’s not really pink anymore. She’s white with lots of brown/darkbrown spots. Her spots are at almost the same places a Horlicks… hehe… talk about bunny genes…

Anyway, Pinky’s really getting into the rabbit hop recently. As of yesterday, she was still very unstable when she stood up ‘cos her legs are too weak to support her body. So everytime she got up on all fours, she would wobble wobble and then fall down. Sometimes she can take like 3 steps before she falls down, does a roll in the box, and stands up again. Hehe, everytime i see her fall all over the box, i get very worried that she’ll sprain her back or something, so sometimes, i use my fingers to support her sides… and she uses them like crutches to move about…. and that was the start of my Hopping School syllabus.

Today, we practised hopping again. Wow, the improvement is fantastic. Pinky doesn’t really need my fingers as crutches anymore. When i put her on the bed, she’ll scramble like 5 steps, then hop forward once, followed by more scrambling. Only when she falls down and has difficult getting up, then i’ll give her some assistance. Heh. I’m going to take a video of her scrambling / hopping when she wakes up later. She’s sleeping off her dinner now.

Pinky turned 9-days old tonight. She should be opening her eyes either tomorrow or the day after. After that, she’ll be able to take some solid food (mainly hay) + Horlicks’ milk. This is another danger period ‘cos if her stomach doesn’t take to the food, it may cause intestinal problems, enteritis, etc.

Anyway, i need to go mug a little about what happens from the 10th day onwards. Hope to be able to take many many photos of Pinky for many many days to come. 🙂

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