Loanrabbit behaviour

Pinky is starting to get used to sleeping by herself (i’m assuming it’s a “she” ‘cos the fur coat looks like Horlicks’). She still tries to look for Fatty 1st…. and will crawl very unstably all over the box for at least 15min before she tires herself out and settles down to sleep. My dad just called back from Germany to ask what happened to Fatty… he suggested it could be some sort of milk regurgitation from the stomach that caused the choke? I think that’s unlikely ‘cos i hadn’t started feeding yet. Sigh… poor Fatty… he really looked a lot like the daddy.

Now… about the topic i was going to share. My female rabbits, i.e. Horlicks & Peanut have been exhibiting “loanrabbit” (think loanshark) behaviour. It’s strange but Horlicks refuses to allow any other rabbits into the backyard. It’s probably some instinct thing so whenever i let Horlicks out to roam, i need to lock Peanut back into her cage. Even then, in a show of defiance, Horlicks would sometimes go in front of Peanut’s cage, attempt to scratch Peanut through the grills, and then pee in front of the cage. Just like your HDB loanshark… pouring smelly stuff in front of their debtor’s home.

Anyway, i decided to be fairer to Peanut ‘cos we’ve been neglecting her a bit since Horlicks gave birth and i let her run around the backyard for a couple of hours just now. Wow…. talk about revenge… when i went downstairs to lock Peanut back in the cage, i saw this pool of pee outside Horlicks cage. No wonder Horlicks was hopping mad inside her cage. Sigh… anyway, it’s going to be like that till i get the boys sterilized.

Instead of sterilizing Coffee on 1 Feb, i’m going to send Muah Chee in instead… ‘cos MC is really in heat so i think we better settle him first.

If u’re reading this and u’re a rabbit lover too, please pray for the bunnies ya? That MC’s sterilization operation will go well and that he’ll recover w/o any complications (eh, the poor rabbit has to be put under GA ok!) Then there’s Coffee… smallest bunny in the household… please pray that no one will bully him.

Please also pray for peace between the 2 fine ladies, Horlicks & Peanut. My mom and i are a little concerned now that Peanut may be pregnant again (after locking her up with MC for 2 nites… before we found out MC is male…) ‘cos Peanut has started her digging habit again….

And most importantly, please pray for little bunny Pinky…. only survivor among Horlicks’ 3 babies. She’s getting less pink now as more white fur grows. We all appreciate your prayers.

Oh did i mention before that sometimes to coax Horlicks into staying in a lying down position so i can feed the babies, i would sing to her? So far her favourite song seems to be “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”. Maybe ‘cos her babies were born at night too…

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