Before & After

Pinky scared me just now. She drank so much milk that i could see her stomach balloon up as she drank! I tried to pry her away from Horlicks but she simply wouldn’t let go of the nipple! Finally, when she stopped drinking, she was sooooooooo super bloated!

I spent like 40mins using a cotton wool + hot water to stroke her tummy area to aid digestion. This process is supposed to help her poop / pee but she didn’t! Made me so worried that she’ll die of overeating (it happens to baby bunnies… something abt their intestines not functioning properly). She was so bloated that she could barely lick her own chest!!

Anyway, Pinky pooped small bits of crap the past 2 hrs so i think she should be ok. Here’s some photos of how bloated she was!

Overfed bunny… 🙁

“Ooh… i’m too full, too full!”

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