A Visibly Happier New Year!

Pinky took her 1st peek at the world just now. Just in time to welcome the (Chinese) new year!

After feeding, i was patting her tummy as usual to aid digestion & the passing of shit & pee when i saw that her left eye was open the tiniest bit! After playing on the floor (just running about) for a while, her right eye opened a slit too.

The little bunny has been sleeping most of the night after that. Guess it must be tiring to open one’s eyes huh? I played a short while with her after my dinner. Heh… she still likes to sleep on my palm. Sigh… wonder if she’ll still stick to me as much after she grows older… I wanted to take some photos of her but i’m afraid the flash will be too blinding so i guess no photos for Pinky for a little while. 🙂

Pinky is also learning to be more independent now. Heh. This morning, she crawled under a standing Horlicks (who was trying to lick her) and managed to find a nipple to drink breakfast from. All by herself… haha. That made my job a lot easier… i just had to support her (her back was lying on my palm) and she was navigating between Horlicks’ nipples. Hehe.

Dinner was pretty much the same except i’m not sure how much milk Pinky managed to drink ‘cos her fur has grown a lot thicker so it’s quite difficult to tell if her tummy grew in size from milk intake or not. Anyhow, i’m very happy that Pinky opened her eyes today. Love u Pinky!!

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