Pinky learns to drink water

Ever since Pinky opened her eyes i’ve been trying to teach her how to drink water ‘cos she should be able to eat some hay soon and she’ll probably need to drink water ‘cos hay is very dry.

My 1st attempt was teaching Pinky how to drink water was yesterday. I lined a shallow jam jar cover with a little bit of water & showed it to Pinky. Guess i overestimated the normalcy as to which animals take to water ‘cos Pinky breathed in the water instead! Thank God she managed to “blow” (she made this wheezing sound like how humans blow their nose) out the water.

As Pinky was rather awake just now, i thought it was a good opportunity to get her to learn to drink water again. So once again, i filled the jam jar cover with a little pool of water, and brought it in front of Pinky. While trying to set the jar cover on the floor, i accidentally tipped it a little & spilt the water on the floor. Ahh… that proved to work ‘cos Pinky stepped on the water & promptly took a few licks. Voila! I thought i succeeded in introducing Pinky to the all important skill of drinking water. So i placed the balance water in the jar cover in her box.

Unfortunately, while exploring the box, Pinky started sniffing the jar cover…. and ‘cos only the lower half of the jar cover had water in it, Pinky probably wasn’t aware that there was water there. So she was happily sniffing the part w/o water when she suddenly chanced on the water and… uh oh…. she breathed in the water again.

“Phiit! Phiit!” Pinkly blew out the water again. Aiyoh. Poor baby. She got tired after the whole water parade thing and settled down to sleep real quickly. I hope she didn’t breathe in too much water. I’m going to let her take a break b4 resuming her water training again tomorrow.

Sigh… and u thought drinking water would come naturally…

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January 2006