8hrs, 480min, 28800sec

I just spent 8hrs, 480min, 28800sec doing up this blog! ARGH! It’s freaking tedious! And i still have no idea how stylesheets and whatnots work! *#$%&@ I searched for the most customizable & easy to understand template (chose the Regulus theme in the end), then did my best to change the banner pics, bkgrd pics, etc, to suit what i wanted. Bleah!

Realised that all the videos i uploaded in posts from my old blog are gone. I think that’s ‘cos i need to spend more secs, mins, hrs searching for a plugin that’ll allow me to embed youtube videos in this blog. Fantastic. Argh! *Pulls hair* So if u want to see the old videos, please chk out my old blog ok?

Excuse me while i go sweep up all the hair i pulled out…

Latest on Pinky

Just want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who prayed for the little chap. He’s almost back to normal now!! He’s still not eating as much as usual… but at least he’s taking the initiative to nibble on pellets & veg. The past few days, he wouldn’t eat unless someone fed him! Big baby!

Thanks for your prayers. Praise the Lord!!

New Home on the Web

Hi everyone! This is my new home on the net. I kinda miss the old blogspot template… but hosting my own site gives me a lot more control over what i want to do… and the risk of it crashing with a free server is a lot lesser. (Not to mention the archiving tools that come with the webhost will make it easier to backup everything!).

So please bear with me as i sort out the ‘what to dos’ and ‘how to dos’. 🙂 I am after all, a Biz Grad… with very limited IT knowledge… so all this simi css, php stuff all very foreign. Might as well be in German.

Patience ya? Meanwhile, i would appreciate all comments/feedback!