Site Tests

Encouraged by all the missile tests of N.Korea, i’ve decided to do some site tests myself. Yeap… just playing around with the options in WordPress to see how i can fully utilize the various functions.

Not sure if the password function works… it seems buggy to me… so those who know the password, let me know if it works… and for those who dunno the password, if u can still read the post, please let me know too… ‘cos that means the function IS screwy! Haha… then i’ll prob. have to feedback to WordPress to see if they can rectify it. Heh.

The pwd, btw, is the name of my favourite soft toy + the year i’m born (i.e. xxxxxxxxyy)… all in small caps! 😀


I really don’t know what i want. When it comes to jobs, i have a very short attention span… so once i get the hang of a job, i tend to get bored and want to move on. The bad thing is, my pay doesn’t quite grow with each job change ‘cos i keep taking on completely new tasks!

Being in the “worse half” of my 20s (as Zounds calls it), i recently felt that it’s time that i settle into a career that i can do longterm. Enough of fun, enough of exploring, time to roll my up sleeves and dig deep into my chosen profession. Then the problem crops up – What industry? What job function?

Very few things would interest me greatly. Over the years, i’ve wanted to be a lawyer, to go into marketing, to join CPIB, etc. Very diverse interests so… that makes it extremely tough to decide what could be my career for life.

If i were to go back into insurance, i’m only interested in a very niche area – brokerage in trade credit insurance / political risk insurance. If i remain in property, then i guess the next step would be to join a developer (though that’s not really an option anymore). If i want to venture into marketing, would employers take me in considering i don’t really have any solid marketing background?

A friend suggested that instead of exploring jobs in term of industry, i should consider jobs by their function. But that’s kinda tough isn’t it? Things like insurance brokerage is tied closely to the industry, rather than the job function… as in… u won’t find insurance brokerage in anywhere but insurance… get what i mean?

So i’m really lost now. A door was open but i closed it myself. Another friend advised that whatever job i take, it should be one that i can work cheerfully (means no cursing & swearing even when things go wrong), and work at it with all my heart so that i can be a good testimony for God. (Now that’s a tough call!) Sigh… what to do, what to do?

Anyone wanna hire me?