Banyan Waterfront

Went to visit a M’sian property today. The landscaping of the township was impressive. What i liked most were the huge huge bungalows with acres of land. I’m not kidding. It was huge. Lots of open space. I visited mainly the terrace houses to see the layouts & took some photos of the facilities. Unfortunately, my photos don’t do the place justice. Will post the photos my colleague took using his digicam (mine were taken with my Nokia 6280 hp) once i get them. (Which might be a while ‘cos my colleague flew to NY tonight!)


Understanding Myself Better

My mom told me just now that an ex-colleague of ours from AIA, who’s now working for AAA, informed her that there’s this marketing post available… and the jobscope is to market AAA’s travel insurance (not exactly a product i’ll enjoy marketing) to travel agencies.

Although this is supposed to be a “marketing” position, it sounds more like a sales type of job to me. I think i now understand what my friend meant when she said to choose a job based on its functions, not the industry it’s in.

Sigh… i guess what attracted me to the developer job initially was ‘cos it encompasses a lot more “marketing” type of work than my current job… which is a mixture of marketing and sales. But… perhaps the product i’m supposed to market doesn’t inspire me… hence i was very hesitant.

I have a clearer picture of what i want to do now… or at least a clearer picture of what i do not want. :]

Oh… i forgot to add that someone from Achieve Career called me yesterday and said she has a broking position available, and wondered if i’m still interested. (I told a colleague of hers before that i wanted to move back to insurance.) Coincidentally, i just saw her ad in Monster today.

Sent her my resume yesterday but no news from her yet… based on the salary range in the ad, i may be under-qualified for the position… maybe i should follow up with a call tomorrow to see what’s the status…

A Decade of Torture

The more i listen to that Fan Wei Qi song, the more i’m reminded of this old old friend of mine from JC – Iceman. Heh. When i first got to know him in JC, i thought he was damn arrogant ‘cos he ignored me on the bus on the way to school. But as fate would have it, Iceman has been one of my closest friends the past 10 years. Heh. But that doesn’t mean i’ve let him off for ignoring me on the bus… he’s still paying back for that… and for forgetting my birthday once… wahahaha.

I thought of dedicating the song to him on his birthday next month.. but aiyah, since the song is so popular now, might as well put it on the blog. Skali wait till next month, flavour change liao.

Anyway, Iceman has been a very very patient friend… heh… from helping me carry my textbooks, shifting table so i can climb down from the 2nd storey of TJC, going with me to the sinseh after i sprained my finger during basketball, getting tekan by our physics tutor whenever i sat next to him during tutorial (is that why sometimes u’ll rather sit next to Mr. Dandruff than sit with me??), listen to me whine / complain / bitch… the list goes on.

So here’s a big THANK YOU to Iceman… and Happy Birthday in advance!