Eon Called

Eon called. I was half asleep (off today) when my phone rang & i answered thinking that it was some agent who called ‘cos i have an ad in the papers today regarding condo rental. ANYWAY, it was the senior manager from Eon. He said that he was out of town the past 2 weeks and hence did not have the opportunity to review all the candidates. He called to check it i had joined any other companies (since i mentioned that i had an offer the last time) and asked if i was still keen on the job.

I told him that i had rejected the other offer. He asked which co. was it from and i told him that it was from a property developer. I think that gave him the impression that i’m more wanted by property people. Damn! Should’ve told him that i rejected an offer from AAA just 2 days ago! Bleah! *Slaps myself to wake up*.

The senior mgr (oh his name is B.Mac) says that he’ll call me again by early next week to let me know the status of my application. I hope it’ll be good news!

Quality of Writing

I’ve checked out ST’s latest online portal – STOMP a couple of times ‘cos i was curious about what their “starbloggers” write about… and unfortunately, the stuff they write are boring. The topics are really serious and… i guess it’s easier to write meaningful stuff when u write things you want to express your views on, rather than issues that you’re made to write on. That’s like going back to school and writing compositions for your English lesson right?

Anyway, one of the starbloggers is called Xiaxue. I think she’s pretty well-known, though i don’t understand why. She’s been mentioned on the papers a couple of times but… her writing sucks! I checked out her blog and she’s trying to potray this “i’m famous ‘cos i dare to express my views” persona… but… but… she doesn’t have any views at all! I read somewhere that she used to be an SPH intern and i was mightily surprised ‘cos her writing is horrid! It’s not about writing in Singlish, or being prim & proper in your writing… her writing has no style & no coherence whatsoever! Why the heck is she famous? She has several product endorsement deals as well… which is something i don’t get either. I thought only beautiful people get to be models? Slim, goodlooking, nice features…? Since when did ugly become hip?

Ok… so i’m being bitchy. But it’s true!! Anyway, there is a blog that… erm, i won’t ask people to read ‘cos it’s kind of racy but the author’s writing is good. The blog’s known as “A Babe in Toyland“. The author language’s beautiful, and her vocab is fantastic! (Best language used amongst all the blogs i’ve seen so far). Other blogs that i like are in my blogroll, special mention goes to “Hair on the Soap” for the author’s strong views on various social-political issues (though i don’t necessarily agree with all of them), “Domestic Un-Goddess” for her rants on domestic life, and “Tales from the Emergency Room” for the interesting stories from a doc’s point of view.

Somehow i can’t quite explain what makes good writing. It’s not about using bombastic words. Simple language can be beautiful & moving too. Perhaps it’s the sincerity that goes behind each piece. But one thing i do know is that bad writing irks me. Irritates the shit out of me (speaking of which… i suspect i have haemorrhoids).

I was flipping through a recent issue of the Highway magazine when i just couldn’t make myself continue ‘cos the writing was REALLY REALLY bad. There wasn’t any major grammatical mistakes… but i did note a distinct lack of punctuation. Sometimes, the author also didn’t seem to know what he wanted to say & ended up rambling on and on. Make your point man. I can’t stand people who write with no sincerity. Just like cooking. Must “have lurve”.

Okie… that’s enough banal rants for tonight. Better go sleep so i can pursue more anal issues tomorrow.

0% Entertainment

Wow. Some newbies promoting their album on 100% Entertainment now. The group consists of 2 gals and i think they’re called Mi Xue Wei Qi (??) and the album they’re promoting is called Princess (goodness gracious!).

Boy… can they NOT sing. Sheesh… and they’re not even pretty nor do they have any figure to speak off. Most importantly, they don’t have stage presence!! They’re not entertaining! Who the heck signed them on man? Sheesh. Boring episode tonight. Bleah!

The thing that gets on my nerves most is when they sing in their weak airy voice, they do these Mariah Carey hand actions and their face contort as though they’re singing some damn powerful song. Wah piang eh… damn poser! Buay tahan uh! Pui pui pui!