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Wow. Some newbies promoting their album on 100% Entertainment now. The group consists of 2 gals and i think they’re called Mi Xue Wei Qi (??) and the album they’re promoting is called Princess (goodness gracious!).

Boy… can they NOT sing. Sheesh… and they’re not even pretty nor do they have any figure to speak off. Most importantly, they don’t have stage presence!! They’re not entertaining! Who the heck signed them on man? Sheesh. Boring episode tonight. Bleah!

The thing that gets on my nerves most is when they sing in their weak airy voice, they do these Mariah Carey hand actions and their face contort as though they’re singing some damn powerful song. Wah piang eh… damn poser! Buay tahan uh! Pui pui pui!

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  1. 1 yan

    Ah, yes. Michelle & Vickie. They dun look that bad… Hahaha… I sound like an encyclopedia when talking bout these artistes… *blush* Hahah… Blame the free time I hav on my hands. Wasted 1/2 of the time watching TV. Neway, most of the TW artistes now can’t carry a tune. But ppl still love them. Basically bcus of their pretty face. Only a handful of them can r.e.a.l.l.y sing. (Think David Tao)

  2. 2 uptowngal

    Hi Yan,

    Thanks for clarifying the bios of the artistes. Hehe. Honestly, i think Taiwan probably has the best makeup artistes in the world. There’s this other pair of young actresses… forgot their names… but they appeared on 100% Entertainment too. Apparently they’re starring in some idol series together now… and 1 of the gals is really plump. I saw her on 2 episodes of the show… on the first, she had minimal makeup… and didn’t look v.good. But in the 2nd episode, she had makeup on… the makeup looked very minimal… this very natural kind of look… but she suddenly became dropdead gorgeous. The difference was amazing… haha.

    Anyway, i’m also quite surprised that S.H.E. has more talent that i thought they did at first. I saw them on the show & Ella could harmonise very well! Impressive! I also didn’t know she could play the piano. After that episode, i was quite impressed by them. Guess their vocal skills aren’t good enough for them to be solo artistes, but as a group, they’re more talented than i thought. (Referring to their singing here… i’ve always thought they were fantastic comperes ‘cos they’re sporting & have a lot of self-deprecating humour).


  3. 3 yan


    Hahah… Dun mention it. = ) The pair of young girls? I dun really know them but dun you think it’s like everyone can be an actor in Taiwan nowadays? If you dun look good, nevermind. Like you’ve said, they’ve the best makeup artists (I do agree, yes…) If you can’t act but you look pretty, nevermind also. Nobody cares whether you can act or not. I actually think Taiwan can produce the most “vases” in the world. Those artistes who’re nice-looking but useless.

    I thought Ella said she can only play “ai hen jian dan” by David Tao? Hahah… Yea. The 3 girls, as a group, are better than quite a number of artistes but still, their vocal power can’t be considered as strong. S.H.E has matured a lot. I used to hate them. Selina was such an “attention-seeker” a few yrs back. A lot of Taiwan singers sound quite nice when you listen to their albums BUT when they sing live… sigh. I can really cry. Off-key here. Off-key there.

    Btw, what do you think of Jolin? I’d like to hear what you’ve to say ’bout her.

    Oh, yea. I like the way how you write your entries. Keep it up! = )

  4. 4 uptowngal

    Did Ella say that? I must have missed it. Haha. I only saw her playing… and was very impressed by her harmonisation skills. I’ve sung in various choirs / backup teams for church & school… but i’ve always been a soprano… so i’m not very good at harmonising with people. I can do like a 3rd higher but not a 3rd lower, i.e. the alto parts. *Shrugs*. Some people just have the gift i suppose!

    Jolin? Er, she sings better than i thought… at first i thought she was one of those “vases” too… but i’ve seen her sing live at a couple of those live mini-concerts / fundraisers kind of events… and she’s not too bad. I don’t particularly like her songs.. but that’s nothing to do with her lah.. more of different taste in songs. Don’t think she’s really pretty though… her eyes are a little funny… my ex-colleague’s sister actually thought she was cross-eyed! Wahahaha. But i think her figure’s really good… slim, curvy, nice legs… and her dancing is GOOD!!! She has the “seh3″… the groove… and her moves are v.sharp & precise. Love to see her dance. 🙂

    The other person that dances very well is Elva Hsiao. Another lady who looks fantastic with makeup, ok w/o, but figure is like oohlala!


    What do u think?

  5. 5 yan

    Hahah… Yea, Ella did say that. You’re a soprano in your choir group/worship team..? Hehe… Me too! My voice is like too high to be singing the alto parts neway… = P I think it’s cool to be either a soprano or an alto. It’s our passion (*ahem* yes, passioooon… Hehe..) for singing which counts, innit? Yes, it is… Hahah… = )

    I actually think Jolin looks prettier when she first burst into the entertainment circle. The pure type. Now, she gives me the impression that she’s depending on her curves to sell her albums. But yea… she can dance. Love it too. = ) Her eyes? Mata juling kah… Hahah! Her eyes are huge. Like saucers… *blink blink* I’ve to admit I dun like Jolin that much… After hearing that she kinda went around and boast bout her English skills and all… *roll eyes* = P

    Elva? I dun get to see her much on TV now. Really weird. Neway, I’ve never seen Elva dancing but this girl can sing! I mean her voice is unique and she’s pretty. Hav 2 of her albums. Maybe it’s jus me but I think the quality of the songs in her later albums kinda went down the hill.

    Lee Hom went to M’sia to promote his album early this yr… I think I was the only one out of the 200+ students in my school who didn’t went and “support” him. (Yea, I did my A Levels in M’sia..) Lee Hom’s new “chink-out” style is jus not my cup of tea… *gaaaa!!!*

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