Please help me call SPCA

dear fans,

i want to lodge a complain against my owners.  they’ve been ill-treating me.  they make me beg for my food, and they don’t let me sleep in peace.  they keep making a lot of noise whenever i lie down for my afternoon nap.  i overheard my maid telling her mom just now, that i have this really really thin upper tooth that’s growing out now.  it’s only as thin as a toothpick!!  but they want to pluck it out, like they did my other front teeth.  they’re so cruel.  please help me call SPCA.




this is poor me being tempted with a carrot stick.







is it humane to make a bunny beg?  i have my dignity too u know!






i tried to sleep. 






but my maid made a lot of noise.  i was very irritated.





then dunno-what-thing dropped and crashed to the floor with a bang.  nearly gave me a heart attack!






this is me.  traumatised. 






Pinky the Pitiful

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