blardy farangs!

for the first time in my working life, i am actually pissed off with foreigners. yes, specifically FOREIGNERS. i was all set to go for a product conference with my department in Oct. i even cancelled attending a friend’s wedding for this conference. however, i just heard from my department secretary that our managing director (an aussie) has not given the green light for me to go – he wants to give my place to j-san (japanese) because he wants j-san to grow the jap biz.

pissed off man. j-san knows nuts about specialty lines. and it’s not as though no one’s given him training before. he just isn’t very bright. he has at best, been a translator for us when we meet with our jap clients and even then, some things get lost in translation!!!

hmph! pissed off man… all these farangs. grr…

fei-zai just walked past my desk as i was typing this… grr… don’t blame me for growling at him… grr…

Morons, Idiots, and the Like!

Iceman says i attract weirdoes… and Katrine concurs. Sigh. After this morning, i’m starting to believe it too.

My mom and i were standing at the section of the train where 2 carriages are joined. There were already people leaning against on the wall on both sides, and i was standing in the middle, next to the pole. This stocky, muscular, short guy comes in, SQUEEZES his way behind me, yanking my bag round the pole ‘cos it got caught between him and his HUGE bag. I glared at him and he said, “I’m sorry”. I turned away, giving him a hostile blink in the process. This exchange ensued:

Stocky guy: I already apologised. U don’t have to give me that look.

Me: (Glaring even fierce than before) OK. I heard your apology and will try not to give you that look. *Rolls eyes*

Stocky guy: I already said sorry. What’s with that expression?

Me: U could have said “excuse me” and I would’ve moved aside right? There was no need to push.

Stocky guy: Then EXCUSE ME and I’m sorry to piss u off on a morning like this.

Me: Fine.

I then turned away and resumed the conversation I had with my mom about makeup and the like. Stupid stocky guy… Chinese but spoke with Australian accent. Makes me want to punch all the stupid Chinese with Aussie accent around. Fei zai better not talk to me this morning… grrr…

This reminds me of another incident that Fei zai told me about. He was taking the lift with some stranger (a gal) and she kept checking her makeup in the mirror in the lift. Fei zai couldn’t resist and he said, “U look pretty enough already”.

The gal was very embarrassed and promptly stopped looking in the mirror.

What’s with these stupid Aussies huh? People check their makeup also must chup meh? I told Fei zai if I was the gal, I would’ve replied, “Thanks for your compliment. Now stop checking me out already”, and then turn and do an even more deliberate check of my makeup in the lift.


Note to Sponsors: This is a bitchy post right? I’m griping! Bitching! Pay me someone, pay me!

Panda Went Missing

My panda (An An) went missing.  Escaped from the chain on my hp dangly and disappeared.  First noticed its disappearance after lunch… when i took my hp out of my lunch pouch to check an sms and the chain got caught in the exterior links of the pouch.  After i unknotted the chain from the pouch, i realised the panda was missing.  *Sniff*.

An An was attached to the other chain u see in the pic.  Now he’s gone.  *Sob*.  I think the skiver went off for a walk and got lost.  Or he probably ambled somewhere to take a nap and never came back.  Waaaah!

If anyone sees my panda, please let me know.  *Sob*.

Speaking of pandas, watch them live here! 🙂