crush u like a cockro… fly

leaping lizards and homeless cows! the weirdest things do happen to me! was at Coffee Club for lunch just now and was about to place my order when a fly flew straight into my left eye. i wanted to use my hand to brush it away but the waitress taking our orders was standing quite close to me and so my hand was blocked by her pen and order pad. as the fly (it was those tiny fruit fly type) approached my eye, i blinked instinctively but as the blink was delayed (my first option was to flick the fly away), it was too late. as my eyelids closed, i felt the fly being squashed between my eyelids. *piak*. it killed the fly.

unfortunately, the fly fell into my eye when i opened my eye and i had to use quite a bit of effort before i could get it out. argh! gross. i know. but thank God i used to wear contact lenses so i’m not squirmish about sticking my finger into my eye.

after i got back to office, i used my eyedrops to flush my eye thoroughly. amazing thing is? my vision (which has been blurry since Mon) suddenly became crystal clear!!! no idea why man. sigh. guess the fly’s death was not in vain. it died for a good cause!

short circuited

on an extremely short fuse today.  guess it was an accumulation of all the things that did not go right today, various people pissing me off, being tired and swamped with work.  heard from Bubbs who heard from another TJ classmate that there’s a class outing tomorrow, and some of us were conveniently excluded from it. 

that totally made me fly off the handle.  my msn nick called my TJ classmates bitches & bastards (well, i later amended it to just “bitches” ‘cos i realised my grind has always been with the gals only).  i don’t know why i’m pissed.. ‘cos i’ve never bothered to go for any outings anyway.  i supposed it’s the knowledge that we were “sidelined” (in Iceboy’s words) deliberately that pissed me off.  i checked my email accounts and no mass mails were sent.  i checked my hps too (i have 2 lines… 1 of which i’ve had since i left JC) and no smses were sent to me.

clarinetist says that i should just turn up for the dinner tomorrow.  it’s to welcome my arch enemy from my TJ class back from NY.  (long story as to why she’s my arch enemy).  i didn’t even know she was in NY and i have no intention of welcoming her back.  but i will quite definitely be at the venue ‘cos i’ve been intending to check out this boutique there.  didn’t have a chance last night (worked late) and tonight (went canteen).  so tomorrow it shall be!

okok.  i know i’m just over-reacting.  going to sleep right after the show “Bones” before i blow more fuses.  (but i really have a story to tell as to why that woman’s my arch enemy leh!  hehe… ).