crush u like a cockro… fly

leaping lizards and homeless cows! the weirdest things do happen to me! was at Coffee Club for lunch just now and was about to place my order when a fly flew straight into my left eye. i wanted to use my hand to brush it away but the waitress taking our orders was standing quite close to me and so my hand was blocked by her pen and order pad. as the fly (it was those tiny fruit fly type) approached my eye, i blinked instinctively but as the blink was delayed (my first option was to flick the fly away), it was too late. as my eyelids closed, i felt the fly being squashed between my eyelids. *piak*. it killed the fly.

unfortunately, the fly fell into my eye when i opened my eye and i had to use quite a bit of effort before i could get it out. argh! gross. i know. but thank God i used to wear contact lenses so i’m not squirmish about sticking my finger into my eye.

after i got back to office, i used my eyedrops to flush my eye thoroughly. amazing thing is? my vision (which has been blurry since Mon) suddenly became crystal clear!!! no idea why man. sigh. guess the fly’s death was not in vain. it died for a good cause!

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  1. 1 katrine

    an alternative to lasik?! hahaha

  2. 2 k

    maybe you’ve stumbled across a money making gem – fly juice eye drops for good vision. 😛

  3. 3 mashpot

    did you mean a mosquito, or a fly? because a fly is pretty big…

    if you did mean that it was a fly, then i have to say you have some pretty strong eyelids there… i mean, to crush a fly with your eyelids… and then got *piak* sound some more…

    either way, it’s damn gross lah!

  4. 4 uptowngal

    not a mosquito… but not the housefly type… it’s like a small tiny fly… those that buzz around bananas… brown fruit fly?!?

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