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Milo Poisoning

This has been thoroughly tiring week.  Came back from HK on Tuesday afternoon, went to work on Wed in a daze, attended ABC’s wedding dinner on Wed night, continued to be dazed at work on Thursday, went for Oktoberfest @ Swiss Club on Thur night, and had milo poisoning on Fri.  Milo Poisoning?  Yeap.  Well, […]

Interim Post…

Hi everyone!! Am in HK now. Hehe… very fortunate that Iceman’s bro is working here now so we got free accomodation. Took tons of photos (200+) so it’s going to be a real task sorting them out when i’m back. (Note to Zounds: At least my photos are photos with PROPER subjects. Not your random […]

Missing Article Notice

My trusty umbrella is missing.  It is light blue with white trimmings around the edges.  The stem of the umbrella is sturdy aluminium, silver in colour.  It survived the storms in Hong Kong in 2005 when its 3 companion umbrellas snapped.  If anyone sees my trusty umbrella, please let me know.  It’s name is Aurora.  […]

Summer Holiday!

Tradition doesn’t end after all!  Found my Summer Holiday VCD.  Muahahahaha!  Love the show – except for Richie Ren’s horrible Cantonese.  Makes even my mandarin-accented Cantonese sound good!

"Empty Trash"

My amazing inability at bookkeeping extends to housekeeping too.  I am the queen of clutter and rubbish.  I have an unchallenged and amazing ability to horde junk – anything from unopened mail (from years gone by), to showflat brochures, old receipts, movie ticket stubs, tons of olders, etc.  Hey, i even have my secondary school […]

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