Milo Poisoning

This has been thoroughly tiring week.  Came back from HK on Tuesday afternoon, went to work on Wed in a daze, attended ABC’s wedding dinner on Wed night, continued to be dazed at work on Thursday, went for Oktoberfest @ Swiss Club on Thur night, and had milo poisoning on Fri. 

Milo Poisoning?  Yeap.  Well, i was ok on Fri morning, even after the 5 mugs of beer at Oktoberfest.  Woke up at 7:30am, showered, dressed, and went to work as usual.  Bubbs had already gone to the pantry so i decided not to get any breakfast drink and just had water.  When Booze Queen came in a little later, i went to the pantry with her and made a cup of milo.  30min after drinking the milo, my stomach felt funny.  Then the pukey feeling came.  At first i wondered if i was having a hangover, albeit a super belated one…

Some silly underwriter then turned up to look for my boss without any prior appointment… and since my boss wasn’t around, i had to entertain him first.  Another 30min later, i really felt like puking.  The min the underwriter left, it was straight to the toilet.

Puked a little and my constipation from all the beer the previous night (beer tends to give me constipation) turned into diarrhoea.  It was amazing.  Felt sick and got Bubbs to cancel the lunch appointment we had with my cousin as it was raining and i didn’t want to run in the rain to look for a loo should i need to retch again.  Bought lunch, went back to the pantry, and the pukey feeling came again.  Cleared my system again and took a bottle of Po Chai Pills.  Fwah!  They were good.  Within 20min, i was eating and enjoying my fish soup noodles as per normal.  The pukey feeling and tummy upset were totally gone!  I swear by Po Chai Pills as a digestive cure-all man!

While we’re on the topic of Po Chai Pills, i did a search of it online and this is what i found:

Po Chai Pills (保濟丸) are a Chinese product made with several herbs formed into tiny pills about the size of a buckshot. Po chai is used as a remedy for the relief of acid indigestion, heartburn, and gas bloat. It is also used as a hangover prevention remedy.

Po Chai Pills were developed by Li Shiu Kei in Foshan, Guangdong in 1896. Following the Chinese Civil War, the Lee family fled to Hong Kong and reestablished their company, the Li Chung Shing Tong, in Hong Kong. However, their mainland property was nationalized, with the result that there are two makers of Po Chai Pills (Baoji wan in pinyin):

  • Li Chung Shing Tong (Holdings) Limited (李眾勝堂) in Hong Kong; and
  • Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Company Limited in Guangzhou, China.

A mutual agreement between these two parties has limited Wanglaoji’s trademark rights to mainland China, while the Li Chung Shing Tong has the right to use the trademark in rest of the world. The mainland manufacturer sold the pills out of the PRC as Curing Pills.

All i can say is… Po Chai Pills, GOOD!  Heh.

Ok… i have no idea why i’m awake so early on a Sat morning.  Going back to bed… will post the photos from HK… eventually.  HAHAHA.

Interim Post…

Hi everyone!!

Am in HK now. Hehe… very fortunate that Iceman’s bro is working here now so we got free accomodation. Took tons of photos (200+) so it’s going to be a real task sorting them out when i’m back. (Note to Zounds: At least my photos are photos with PROPER subjects. Not your random snapping of cars & street signs! People would think you had a taxi driver fetish lor! :P)

Anyway, today marks the end of my 3rd day in HK. Arrived on Wed morning… and my itinerary so far:

Wed – Stanley Market, TST
Thur – Lantau Island, Central, Lan Kwai Fong (Just a quick walk. Didn’t stop for a drink though!)
Fri – Macau

The plan for Sat is to visit my favourite breakfast “tea restaurant” (cha3 chan1 tang1) at Jordan, then shop around TST / Nathan Road area, followed by the Symphony of Lights show at 8pm, then perhaps Ladies’ Market.

Plan for Sun is to visit Victoria’s Peak, then dim sum, then shopping at H&M (Central area in general), then back to The Peak for more photo taking.

Iceman’s bro also managed to get us tix for Ocean Park… so if all goes well (i.e. weather permitting), we’ll be panda watching on Mon. Hehe.

Okies… words are boring w/o photos. Will be back on Tue. Till then… sunny weather everyone!

Missing Article Notice

My trusty umbrella is missing.  It is light blue with white trimmings around the edges.  The stem of the umbrella is sturdy aluminium, silver in colour.  It survived the storms in Hong Kong in 2005 when its 3 companion umbrellas snapped.  If anyone sees my trusty umbrella, please let me know.  It’s name is Aurora.  I have turned my house inside out but have failed to find it.

Come back home Aurora.  All the other brollies miss you.

"Empty Trash"

My amazing inability at bookkeeping extends to housekeeping too.  I am the queen of clutter and rubbish.  I have an unchallenged and amazing ability to horde junk – anything from unopened mail (from years gone by), to showflat brochures, old receipts, movie ticket stubs, tons of olders, etc.  Hey, i even have my secondary school texts and stuff… stashed away (actually more like untidily strewn) in the cupboard beneath my desk.

However, two wrongs make one right… and just at my most broke, most penny pinching moments, i dug out USD105, HKD250, SGD90 from the bottom of my drawer.  Amazing huh?  (I also have random amounts of Philippine Pesos, Thai Bhat & Malaysian Ringgit).  Anyway, i think budget wise it’ll all work out.  I should be able to bring about HKD 2000 to HK for meals, travel, and so on.  So i think i’ll cope… and i can put my shopping on my credit cards.  Yippee.  (Potential robbers scouring for victims, don’t target me ok?  Not worth your while.  No kidding.)

Wanted to watch my fave HK movie, Summer Holiday (starring Sammi Cheng & Richie Ren), before the trip.  Searched my entire room but failed to find the VCD.  Am kinda upset ‘cos it’s an old movie and i’m not sure if i’ll still be able to buy the VCD.  I always watch this VCD before i go to HK… to get into the “FEELing” of going to HK… but guess i’ll have to break tradition this time. 

While searching for the VCD (it really really should be SOMEWHERE in my room… just hope i didn’t throw it out accidentally), i also got rid of quite a bit of junk.  2 wastepaper baskets full of paper & other stuff that i don’t need anymore.  At least now i can see the seat of my couch – even though there’s still no space to sit on it…

I figured if i can get rid of 2 wastepaper baskets full of rubbish every week, that means i may actually clear up all the trash in my room before the end of the year.  The trick is to clear at a faster rate than new clutter gathers i suppose.  But today was a good start.  Ok… just to give u an idea of the amount of clutter i need to get rid of by year end… (my mom has given up nagging at me) .




My couch… which i cleared 1 wastepaper basket full of clutter today.






Coffee table in front of the couch.  Definitely needs a lot of work.






Bedside table… have a tendency to dump all my unopened letters here…






My other bedside table.. now u know why all my alarm clocks have died… fell off my bedside table one too many times.





My desk.  I cleared 1 wastepaper basket worth of stuff from it too!  But there’s still so much left!  🙁





Computer table – pretty much the same state as the rest of my furniture.






This is the NEATEST piece of furniture i have.  My dressing table.  Just don’t open the drawers…



If i can keep up this 2 wastepaper baskets worth of clutter thrown out every week, i will proudly display my cleaned up furniture at the end of the year.  If not… heh… there’s always 2008?  😛