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Hi everyone!!

Am in HK now. Hehe… very fortunate that Iceman’s bro is working here now so we got free accomodation. Took tons of photos (200+) so it’s going to be a real task sorting them out when i’m back. (Note to Zounds: At least my photos are photos with PROPER subjects. Not your random snapping of cars & street signs! People would think you had a taxi driver fetish lor! :P)

Anyway, today marks the end of my 3rd day in HK. Arrived on Wed morning… and my itinerary so far:

Wed – Stanley Market, TST
Thur – Lantau Island, Central, Lan Kwai Fong (Just a quick walk. Didn’t stop for a drink though!)
Fri – Macau

The plan for Sat is to visit my favourite breakfast “tea restaurant” (cha3 chan1 tang1) at Jordan, then shop around TST / Nathan Road area, followed by the Symphony of Lights show at 8pm, then perhaps Ladies’ Market.

Plan for Sun is to visit Victoria’s Peak, then dim sum, then shopping at H&M (Central area in general), then back to The Peak for more photo taking.

Iceman’s bro also managed to get us tix for Ocean Park… so if all goes well (i.e. weather permitting), we’ll be panda watching on Mon. Hehe.

Okies… words are boring w/o photos. Will be back on Tue. Till then… sunny weather everyone!

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  1. 1 k

    hey not shopping at causeway bay area? remember island beverly? and times square is huge!! lots of little shops around that area too

  2. 2 UptownGal

    yeah… went causeway bay, island beverly and times square… but my shopping spoils not v.good this trip. tons and tons and tons of photos tho’… REALLY tons and tons and tons…

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