photos from the N82

some pictures from my N82.  🙂





Iceman and i were amazed by this retro-looking phone.  heehee.  (taken at Yew Mei Green)









A Christmas display at Tangs.









My new wallet.  It’s by comic illustrator Jimmy Liao.  Love the embroidery on it.  🙂








Pinky prancing about the garden.









Pinky likes pandan leaves.









Still has a slipper fetish.









That’s the way to spend a Sun nite!  Under a brolly, away from the moonlight.  (Taken with Xenon flash).









Coffee… in night mode.







Okie… time to sleep soon… *yawn*.  Nitez.

Nokia N82

bought the Nokia N82 as a replacement hp last Sat.  was hesitating whether to get a new phone initially… or to make do with my Sony Ericsson… but the SE died on Sun so just as well.  heh.

no complaints abt the N82 so far.  was attracted to it ‘cos the specs are even better than the N95… and it’s retailing for the same price as the N95 8G!!  the Xenon flash is fantastic and the Nokia Maps software (a GPS navigation s/w) is excellent!!  the phone can log onto the GPS satellites even when i’m in my bedroom!  it’s simply terrific!!  a huge improvement over the crappy Navfone software of the N95… that used to take about 5-7min to log onto the GPS network when i’m in the car!  bleah.

click here to see the specs of the N82.  i would recommend the phone. 🙂