Human Char Siew

Went for the first ever Formula Drift race in Singapore on Sunday.  Didn’t put much thought to it so I didn’t bring any sun block with me.  I applied sun block on my face as I normally do… but didn’t bring any for my arms & legs… and I got really burnt!  My shoulders are "char siew" red and you can see a line where my skirt ends on my thighs.  Sigh. 

I thought it was just a hot day in a hot month… but I think after the heavy storms in March, this April is hotter than usual.  Well, at least that’s what I concluded after I opened a tube of body moisturiser just now and the moisturiser just spilled out of the tube!!  I was just using this Bath & Body Works moisturisers a couple of days ago and it was fine!  Not watery or anything!  Which means the moisturiser literally just melted on my dressing table.  It’s bad man!!

I just stuffed both my B&BWs moisturisers into the fridge… hope I can salvage them!  Sigh.  🙁

The weather is just WAY TOO HOT!

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