Teeth Paranoia @ Work

ARGH!  I’m going nuts!  This is really bugging me!  Was wondering why my teeth hurt soooo much when I wore my new retainers last Thurs, Fri & Sat.  (I’ve completed the entire series of aligners for the teeth so was supposed to switch to wearing retainers at night to maintain the straightness). 

The teeth stopped hurting yesterday but I was still curious.  I also noticed that my teeth seemed a little more crooked than usual.  So last night, I compared my last set of aligners with my retainers and it seems that my upper retainer is more crooked than my last upper aligner!!!!  ARGH!  No wonder my teeth hurt!  I was forcing them into a crooked position again! 

Sigh.  Now I’m very bothered by it now.  Not wearing any aligner/retainer at work now but there’s this incessant naggy feeling that my teeth are getting more and more crooked.  ARGH.  Going to switch back to the last upper aligner tonight (the lower retainer is ok).  Hope my teeth straightens again…

Logically speaking, if the teeth can be moved from crooked to straight, it can always be moved from the now-slightly-crooked back to straight.  But that doesn’t make me feel any less paranoid.  ARGH!!!!

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