I’ve Got It

15072008511It’s here!  Finally!  My Manhattan card has arrived.  Came in the mail today but with a few errors on the letter it arrived with.  The letter said there will be an annual card fee of $180 but the website said the card fee will be waived for 2 years. 

So I called SCB up and was informed by a guy named Chuan that the letter is wrong.  Quite a common complaint it seems because before I could complete my sentence about the annual fee in the letter, Chuan said they’ve had a few calls on this.  Anyway, he double checked and confirmed that the card fee is waived.

I also got Chuan to confirm that I’ll be getting the $20 cash rebate in my card next month.  Yeah!  The card looks nice man.  I’m happy.  Too bad the only pen I had to sign my signature with was this cheapo ballpoint with a really thin nib.  So my signature turned out to be this scrawly scratch.  Sigh.

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