Different Looks

Really must applaud Lorelei on her wonderful WordPress themes.  These are the 3 that I downloaded… still can’t settle on which one looks best.  Heh… so I might be switching them around for a while. What’s your opinion?




Japanese Fleur – This was the first to catch my eye.






Flora Scent – Then I downloaded this ‘cos I liked the colours.







Divalicious – This is damn cool too!  Heh.




Sigh.  It’s such a dreary Monday.  Didn’t go to work ‘cos I was sneezing my head off after I got up.  Went back to sleep and woke up with a red, swollen and watery right eye.  Went to the doc in the afternoon & got MC & medicine.  Felt pretty much back to normal in the late afternoon.. then the time of the month arrived and I was stuck with a horrible stomachache in the loo.  Argh.

Today sucks.

P.S. Decided to go with the Divalicious theme ‘cos I’m feeling grumpy & moody (read: diva-ish) ‘cos my tummy hurts.  Bleah!

Nuffnang vs. Advertlets

Sigh.  I’ve joined Advertlets for close to a year now (including the 3-4 months when I removed the stupid Advertlets code from my blog ‘cos the company so spectacularly messed up their domain name renewal) and sad to say, my earnings are about RM 20+, which is way below the cash out limit of RM 100 set for Singapore blogs.

I was thinking about Nuffnang again with the latest overhaul of my blog and I decided to do an online search to see which is the better ad server.  I thought I would find posts on pros and cons of the 2 ad servers but no… all I found were users complaining that Advertlets doesn’t pay!  And when it does, it pays a discounted amount of the earnings recorded and the reason given is always "fraud" by the user.  If it was really "fraud", then why on earth did Advertlets allow the user to continue earning $$ on the account?  Or does it only become "fraud" when a user wants to cash out?

I am appalled.  That RM 20+ I have in my account so far (assuming it’s really there), was painstakingly earned.  I don’t advertise my blog so readership is limited to pretty much my friends and some kind strangers who follow the stuff I gripe about.  While I don’t usually trust easily what I read on the Internet, the fact that Advertlets can mess up their domain name renewal has greatly discredited their ability in my eyes.

So I’ve decided to revert to Nuffnang… which was the first ad server I signed up for last year, but abandoned because I wasn’t getting any ads served to my blog.  A pleasant surprise this time round because once I uploaded the Nuffnang code, I got a STB ad right away.  Yay!  So please help support this blog (it costs about SGD 18+ monthly) and click on the Nuffnang ad ok?


P.S. A (far from exhaustive) list of the complaints on Advertlets can be found here.

Blog Make-Over

Don’t worry.  It’s still me.  After visiting the Fairy’s Inc website, I was very inspired by the light colours and did a search for any "fairy" related theme.  Been wanting to do an image overhaul of the blog for some time but never saw anything I liked… till today.  So viola!  Behold the new look.  (It’s been a year since the last major make-over!)



Everyone knows I don’t cook, can’t sew and I don’t do housework.  I don’t like to cook because I find it difficult to wrap my mind around how spending 1 hour to prepare a dish that will be gobbled up in 15 minute can be fulfilling.  I think it’s much more efficient to pay $5 for a cheap dinner at a coffeeshop.  (Plus, there’re no dishes to wash too!)  I don’t like doing housework either because the dust from cleaning the house makes me sneeze non-stop.  It used to trigger many near asthma attacks when I was a kid and sneezing makes me irritable.  I’d much rather spend more time earning $$ so I can outsource the cleaning to a maid.  At least I enjoy my work.

In the past 2 weeks, I observed that some married couples I know do not have an equal sharing of household chores.  (See?  It’s a CHORE).  I know of 2 wives who work AND do all the household chores in the family.  I’m disgusted that their husbands can watch TV while their wives are slogging to finish the chores.  As though their wives’ jobs were any less tiring than theirs.

It’s this differential expectation of a man and a woman that pisses me off.  I find it extremely derogatory that a woman is expected to do all the housework as though "her place is in the kitchen".  I would never be able to bow to such unfair expectations of a woman.  Why should a woman be expected to do all the ironing or cleaning or cooking? 

I also recall that a friend, while growing up, had to help clear the dinner table and do the dishes while her brother didn’t have to lift a finger to help.  Her brother didn’t even have to cook instant noodles for himself if he were hungry.  Her mom would do it for him but my friend would cook her own instant noodles.  Yucks.  That always made me extremely glad that I don’t have any brothers.  I would never be able to accept such double standards just because I am female and based on my character?  The more someone forces me to do something, the more violently I will refuse to comply.  (It’s just like when my mom nagged at me to do my homework, I will refuse to do it.  But if she left me to my own devices, I will willingly finish my homework).

I’m glad that Iceman doesn’t have such backward expectations of me.  I’m happy to do my share of work (though it’s limited to the occasional washing of dishes now) because he always helps too.  Most importantly, he doesn’t take it for granted that it’s "my job".  I think all boyfriends/husbands should be like that.  Slap the ones who don’t.  Idiots.

Fairy’s Inc

Went to check out Fairy’s Inc after I found out that a friend got her wedding bands made there and they weren’t as expensive as I thought they would be! 

The 2 bosses, Sandra & Evelyn were very nice.  Sandra served Iceman & me and showed me many designs that I liked!  All matched the proposal ring.  Best of all, they all fit into our budget!  Woohoo! 

So for anyone else looking for customisable wedding bands in the range of $1k & above (for 2 bands), check out Fairy’s Inc at Delfi Orchard, #03-03.  Tel: 6235 5570.

Have Mercy On Me



I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now for the issuance of Standard Chartered’s Manhattan card.  I was going to pay the deposit for Hyatt tomorrow with the card but I’ve since postponed the deposit payment till next week as the card application is still "in process".


I couldn’t take it anymore… and sent this feedback to SCB via their website:

For the past 1 year, I’ve been spammed non-stop, sometimes even twice a day by SCB’s telemarketers trying to sell me bank products.

Finally, I decided to be SCB’s customer by applying for the Manhattan card on either 25/6 or 26/6/08.  It took SCB 1 week to inform me that my NOA was needed, although I allowed SCB access to my CPF online account.  I told your processing officer that I needed the card urgently for a big payment on 10/7/08 but when I called SCB 2 days ago, I was told approval will take another week. 

Today, I got a letter from SCB saying that I’m now your Personal Credit customer. 

It sure is tough to be your customer.  I have unwanted products stuffed down my throat – & am denied the 1 & only product (i.e. Manhattan card) that I want.

Could SCB please have mercy & expedite the ONE product I need, & stop harassing me for all the others I don’t?


Sigh.  I hope I get the card soon.

Singnet Helpdesk

Sigh.  Don’t know why but my modem suddenly lost my Singnet broadband password and I just couldn’t log on.  Tried calling for help but couldn’t get anyone at the helpdesk to help me (everyone was sleeping!).  Thankfully, Singnet helpdesk allows users to reset their own passwords now.  First, you need to use the telephone line that your Singnet broadband connection is on to dial into the helpdesk no. at 1800 848 6933.  Then follow the instructions to reset your password and try logging in again.

Liquidity Premium

Some years ago, when an ex-colleague from Anyhow Insure Anything got married, our manager gave her $60 for the wedding dinner, which was held at Raffles Hotel.  At that time, the table price for Raffles Hotel was about $900+… and most of us gave her $100 to ensure that she didn’t lose money.

What’s worse was our manager, in what I assume was a display of pure ignorance of "market price" passed a comment to her the following week when she returned to work… he said, "Wah… must have made money from your wedding right?"

When my ex-colleague heard that, she wanted to roll her eyes and say, "If everyone gave the amount you gave, I would be bankrupt".  But she bit her tongue of course… and complained to us instead.

That was in 2002.

Recently, I’ve been similarly alarmed at how ignorant (I choose to believe it’s ignorance rather than stinginess) some guests at Chinese weddings can be.  Take Iceman’s ex-colleague for example.  She told Iceman that she gives a standard $88 for weddings she attends, regardless of where it may be held.  So if you invite her to your wedding at Shangri La for example, woe onto you because that would have been a loss of about $40 for you.  Just imagine… if you had 300 guests and they all gave $88, that’s a write-off of $12,000!  That is as serious as a sub-prime loss to me! 

Even more recently, a good friend of Booze Queen’s got married and when they were counting the angbaos after the dinner, they noted that some of the groom’s friends gave $60!  $60 again??  Gosh… if you talk about time value of money… if $60 in 2002 was bad, $60 in 2008 is disgusting!  Hey, there’s a huge liquidity premium nowadays all right!

Frankly, I think Iceman’s method of giving angbao is the most practical – he does a quick check of the hotel’s banquet price on the website (most have prices available) and he gives an angbao accordingly. 

For me, I take the lazier approach – $80 for people that I’m not close to, $100 for average friends and $120 to $160 for close friends.  I guess you could say I translate the extent of my well-wishes into a certain dollar value, measured by how close I am to that person.

At the end of the day, I don’t think any soon-to-be-married couple plan their wedding dinner around how much profit they can make.  If dollars and cents were all they were thinking about, then they would choose the cheapest possible venue with total disregard for factors like good food, service, ambience, etc.  That said, I’m not saying that guests who give an amount below market rate should be condemned to wedding dinner hell.

Be a cheerful giver… but don’t build your happiness on someone else’s pain.

Bunny Pictures – 7 Jul 2008

Haven’t taken photos of the bunnies for some time.  They’re quite happily resettled at the side of the house… with Peanut & Coffee occupying 1 longish enclosure and Pinky & Horlicks occupying the other. 

Peanut, Coffee & Horlicks have maintained their looks and size… Pinky, like his late father, suffers from the scourge of the bulge.

It’s amazing how Pinky bears his daddy, Muah Chee’s features but yet his mom’s fur colours.





Photo of Pinky & MC – taken a few days before MC’s death.








Pinky’s on the right, Horlicks’ on the left.  Don’t you think Pinky has the same facial features as his dad?






Horlicks – eyes closed ‘cos of the glare of the red camera focus light. 

Pinky – he loves taking photos.. see he’s all prepped!







Peanut is really curious about the red focus light.








Her ears perk up as she hears me shuffling in a squatting position across the floor…






I was trying to get to the other side of the bunnies… wanted to get a clearer shot of Coffee.  His dark fur makes it really tough!




I’ve been trying to convince my dad to feed the bunnies (Pinky in particular) more healthful food like hay.  My mom cut out an article in the papers that talked about how pellets should only be fed as supplements because they are very fattening.  So my dad has reduced the amount of pellets he feeds them.  However, he increased the amount of grains!  Which are also fattening and should be given as treats!  Not on a daily basis!  But he refuses to listen to me.  SIGH!  🙁