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Different Looks

Really must applaud Lorelei on her wonderful WordPress themes.  These are the 3 that I downloaded… still can’t settle on which one looks best.  Heh… so I might be switching them around for a while. What’s your opinion?        Japanese Fleur – This was the first to catch my eye.       […]

Nuffnang vs. Advertlets

Sigh.  I’ve joined Advertlets for close to a year now (including the 3-4 months when I removed the stupid Advertlets code from my blog ‘cos the company so spectacularly messed up their domain name renewal) and sad to say, my earnings are about RM 20+, which is way below the cash out limit of RM […]

Blog Make-Over

Don’t worry.  It’s still me.  After visiting the Fairy’s Inc website, I was very inspired by the light colours and did a search for any "fairy" related theme.  Been wanting to do an image overhaul of the blog for some time but never saw anything I liked… till today.  So viola!  Behold the new look.  […]


Everyone knows I don’t cook, can’t sew and I don’t do housework.  I don’t like to cook because I find it difficult to wrap my mind around how spending 1 hour to prepare a dish that will be gobbled up in 15 minute can be fulfilling.  I think it’s much more efficient to pay $5 […]

Fairy’s Inc

Went to check out Fairy’s Inc after I found out that a friend got her wedding bands made there and they weren’t as expensive as I thought they would be!  The 2 bosses, Sandra & Evelyn were very nice.  Sandra served Iceman & me and showed me many designs that I liked!  All matched the […]

Have Mercy On Me

  I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now for the issuance of Standard Chartered’s Manhattan card.  I was going to pay the deposit for Hyatt tomorrow with the card but I’ve since postponed the deposit payment till next week as the card application is still "in process".   I couldn’t take it anymore… and sent […]

Singnet Helpdesk

Sigh.  Don’t know why but my modem suddenly lost my Singnet broadband password and I just couldn’t log on.  Tried calling for help but couldn’t get anyone at the helpdesk to help me (everyone was sleeping!).  Thankfully, Singnet helpdesk allows users to reset their own passwords now.  First, you need to use the telephone line […]

Liquidity Premium

Some years ago, when an ex-colleague from Anyhow Insure Anything got married, our manager gave her $60 for the wedding dinner, which was held at Raffles Hotel.  At that time, the table price for Raffles Hotel was about $900+… and most of us gave her $100 to ensure that she didn’t lose money. What’s worse […]

Bunny Pictures – 7 Jul 2008

Haven’t taken photos of the bunnies for some time.  They’re quite happily resettled at the side of the house… with Peanut & Coffee occupying 1 longish enclosure and Pinky & Horlicks occupying the other.  Peanut, Coffee & Horlicks have maintained their looks and size… Pinky, like his late father, suffers from the scourge of the […]

Happy Birthday, Once Again

Had a short chat with my Qingfu just now… short because he suddenly went offline and didn’t log back.  Talk about rude.  Tsk tsk.  But I will forgive him ‘cos today’s his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY QINGFU!!

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