By my title, I mean to say that "dumb" found me.

Client’s Stupid Clerk: I’ve been trying to send emails to you.  It keeps bouncing back.  This happens everytime!  Can you please clear your mailbox?

Me: Er, my mail’s pretty ok.  Perhaps it’s the size of the email you’re sending?  I think there are a few attachments right?

CSC: You asked for all the documents right?  Legal opinions, loan agreement…

Me: Yes.  Do you know what’s the size of all the attachments?  I think my email server has a 5MB restriction per email.

CSC:  I don’t know lah.  The loan agreement is about 20+ pages.

Me: *Dumbfounded*

Nico Rosberg

Booze Queen and I went down to check out the Lenovo / F1 promotional event at Raffles City after work today.  First time we came up close and personal with a F1 driver!  Rosberg was set to race 2 other contestants on a simulator.  He won – don’t think it was a given ok!  He actually lost in the last simulation race to a Singaporean.  Heh.

There was a photo cum autograph session with Rosberg after the race and Booze Queen and I did the most "malu" thing.  We rushed to a stationery shop to buy a marker so that we could get Rosberg to autograph on our F1 practice day pass. 

Well, we managed to get back in time to get our photos taken with the rest of the cattle.  Sorry, I meant fans (we were herded like cattle!).  We also managed to get Rosberg’s autograph… signed with his own marker.  Duh.

Here’re some photos from the event. 








Rosberg making his entrance.









Rosberg grabbing a bite before the simulation race.









Getting into the simulator.









Race begins… check out the look of intense concentration.









Oops… car meets tyre wall…











Rosberg looks on as contestant #2 races… 







Rosberg and me!!  Me me me!  That’s it lah… bye bye Hammie… I now support Rosberg…