A Duh Conversation

Sometimes I think too much instant messaging and text messaging is not good.  We get so used to keeping everything brief, we forget that it is important to paint the context of our message.  I have a friend who often uses names in group conversations… but these names that she mentions, are names of people whom the rest of the group do not know. 

For e.g., this friend once went, “Hey, there’s XXX”.  The rest of us were like huh?  Who’s XXX?  She then went over to talk to XXX.  After she rejoined the group, she said, “I haven’t seen XXX for some time”.  I couldn’t help but ask, “Er, who the heck is XXX?  Are we supposed to know him?”.  And my friend replied, “He’s a friend of another of my church friends.  Don’t think you all know him”.  I didn’t say it out loud but I was thinking duh?  If we don’t know him, then why proclaim his presence to us as though we did?.  What made it even weirder was when we met another girl at our lunch venue, the first thing this friend said to that girl was, “I met XXX just now”.  I saw a blank look on the girl’s face so I asked her later, “Do you know that XXX that our friend was talking about?”.  The girl said no.

There was this other time when we were talking funerals and open coffins, etc.  This friend suddenly said, “Yeah, I didn’t look at AAA during her funeral either”.  Once again I paused, looked at the rest, saw no response, so I asked , “Who’s AAA?”.  My friend replied, “AAA from NUS Law Fac?  The one who committed suicide?”.  Once again, I’m like duh?!  Amongst the group of us, I’m from NTU, another gal’s from poly, and the 3rd wasn’t even educated here.  How on earth are we supposed to know who this AAA is, how she died, etc? 

Nothing wrong with citing examples or or names of people that the rest of the group do not know. But at least give some context.  Like instead of going “There’s XXX”… perhaps say something like, “That’s a friend of my church friend.  Let me go say hi”.  Or “did you all read or hear about AAA from NUS Law Fac previously?  The one who committed suicide ‘cos of … (whatever reason)”.  I mean, provide some context.  Some background.  So that the people around you will not be lost mid-conversation.

I told my friend about this before.  That when she talks, she should not say something without clarifying the background.  Don’t use a name without head or tail.  Don’t say things halfway”.  Her reply was, “But my church friends always know what I’m talking about.  I’m so used to being understood I don’t see why you all don’t get it”.  Duh.  Of course we don’t get it… if her church friends get it, that’s ‘cos she’s always talking about people from church.  But don’t expect the rest of us who’re not from her church to know right?  Duh.

D&D 2008

It was our company D&D again.  This year, the theme was "Shanghai Fusion" and it was held at The Legends @ Fort Canning.  Here’re some… semi-anonymous photos from it.  🙂



Eon’s Trade Credit Dept with our CEO (in black jacket) and the MD or CEO (not sure) of our M’sian office.



What can I say… the legendary Double Trouble again.  ("Legendary".. get it get it?)



Bubbs & me.



It’s strange taking a photo with your CEO after your team pulls out 3 strands of white hair from his head for the table game… if I don’t get a bonus this year… I know why…



We were staring hard at the 3 strands of hair… making sure we got it well clipped onto the string!



Good employees who stuck to the dress code.



Our CEO is a fortunate man.  Surrounded by beauties… muahahahaha.

Just a Little Sad

My ICQ account was hacked into a couple of days ago. I always thought I could reset the password by sending a default password to an old email address used before (did this successfully a few years ago when my account was hacked).  However, it didn’t work this time.  I tried all my previous email adds (even the ICQ Help Center said this would work) but it didn’t work.

I’m very sad.  Though very few people come on ICQ these days, I HAVE had this account since 1996. I feel attached to it.  Hey, my UIN is 1837295… that’s how early a user I was.  *Sniff*.

I’m sad.  I miss my ICQ UIN.

My Search for the Perfect Eyeliner


That’s 5 lines of eyeliners from left: Majolica Liquid Liner, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, Revlon Colourstay Pencil Liner, Mac Engraved Pencil Liner.

Bobbi Brown gives the richest black with no speckles of spaces in between the black.  I love gel liners for its creamy and rich consistency.  The liquid liner tends to be a little shiny and too “thin” for my liking.  The pencil liners… are ok I guess… but a little too much speckles of spaces in the black for my liking.

The liquid and gel liners also dry well but the pencil liners feel sticky to the touch. 



Doing the smudge test, as can be seen, the Majolica Liquid Liner didn’t budge at all.  Very impressive!  The Bobbi Brown Gel Liner smudged… but its consistency remained.  The 2 pencil liners flopped… with the Mac one flopping more.

What was surprising though, was when I tried to wash the liners off, the Bobbi Brown was the most difficult to get rid off.  Wonder if that means if I cry… the Bobbi Brown one would stay the best on my eyes?