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A Duh Conversation

Sometimes I think too much instant messaging and text messaging is not good.  We get so used to keeping everything brief, we forget that it is important to paint the context of our message.  I have a friend who often uses names in group conversations… but these names that she mentions, are names of people […]

D&D 2008

It was our company D&D again.  This year, the theme was "Shanghai Fusion" and it was held at The Legends @ Fort Canning.  Here’re some… semi-anonymous photos from it.  🙂   Eon’s Trade Credit Dept with our CEO (in black jacket) and the MD or CEO (not sure) of our M’sian office.   What can […]

Just a Little Sad

My ICQ account was hacked into a couple of days ago. I always thought I could reset the password by sending a default password to an old email address used before (did this successfully a few years ago when my account was hacked).  However, it didn’t work this time.  I tried all my previous email […]

My Search for the Perfect Eyeliner

That’s 5 lines of eyeliners from left: Majolica Liquid Liner, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, Revlon Colourstay Pencil Liner, Mac Engraved Pencil Liner. Bobbi Brown gives the richest black with no speckles of spaces in between the black.  I love gel liners for its creamy and rich consistency.  The liquid liner tends to be a little […]

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