The Abyss of Stupidity

Was working late yesterday evening and saw HR online just before I left for the night.  Feeling bitchy, I told her about the run-in I had with village idiot equivalent in my office.  Now, this “village idiot” is from our IT dept.  Let’s call her ITM (IT Moron) for short. 

I saw the ITM sitting at Booze Queen’s desk so I asked BQ what happened.  BQ’s grouse was that her keyboard was not displaying symbols correctly.  For e.g., the # symbol became £ and so on. 

I told BQ that’s due to the Keyboard Input setting and could be changed from the Control Panel or the Language Bar at the systray.  But too late.  ITM was already hard at work on BQ’s pc.

She was working on her “solution” for some time and it obviously wasn’t successful.  I was wondering what on earth was taking her so long to fix something that could be done in like 4 steps.  Curious, I went over to BQ’s desk and to my horror, the ITM was deleting and reinstalling BQ’s entire user profile.  *Faints*.

I told BQ that wasn’t likely to work ‘cos your Windows setting is still defaulted to Keyboard Input – English UK.  But BQ was kind.  She said, “Never mind lah.  She already halfway through.  Just let her try lah”.

I was like er, ok.  But the ITM’s method didn’t work obviously so I got even more impatient (I mean how can someone who works in IT be sooooo stupid?) so I told ITM, “Actually you can just go to Control Panel & change the Regional & Language setting you know”.  (I didn’t bother to ask her to try the Language shortcut bar ‘cos I figured someone so stupid wouldn’t know it existed).

ITM was not happy.  Showing a black face, she said, “No.  I must do testing first”.  ITM then proceeded to delete the Keyboard from Device Manager and added it back.  Still didn’t work.  Good grief.  Test simi test?  Here I am offering her a solution and she says she still must test?  Duh.  Fed up, I walked away and said, “Wu liao”.

In the end, ITM gave up and said she had to escalate the problem to the bitchy IT girl.  *Rolls eyes*.  I can’t believe how stupid some people are.  A non-IT issue that can be solved in 5min, she had to do 45min of testing and still not solve it.  Duh.  After she left, BQ managed to resolve the problem herself. 

So last night, I offered to strike a deal with HR.  Fire the ITM and I’ll do her job, for 90% of her pay!  In these tough times, I think we need to chop off people who are obviously ill-equipped to do their job.  After all, if I take 5min to solve something she spends 45min on, assuming she works 9hr a day, I’ll only have to OT an additional hour to be able to do her jobscope.  Plus I’ll save the company 10% of the money paid to her.  Isn’t that a win-win situation for those of us who can work and the company?

Wedding Preparation Course

Iceman and I completed my church’s Wedding Preparation Course (WPC) over the weekend.  Before we started the course, a friend who attended another WPC with Touch Community said that her bf and her found out a lot of things about each other that they didn’t realise before.  She encouraged me to attend a similar course ‘cos she felt it would be useful for all couples considering marriage.

Well, I don’t think I found out anything new about Iceman that I didn’t know already.  But I guess that’s a good thing.  Haha.  What I did take away from the 6 sessions were 3 things.

First, it’s important for a married couple to always present a united front – whether in front of parents / in-laws / children.  The couple should always discuss things with each other first, before broaching the issue with others.  It’s important not to let other people (kids / parents) play off 1 spouse against the other.

Second, bringing the emphasis on unity a step further, one of things that may be a potential cause of division is money.  How does a married couple handle their finances?  Before attending the WPC, Iceman and I thought that the best way would be for the couple to contribute a pre-agreed sum to a joint account, while individual expenditure will continue to come from the individual accounts. 

But now I see the potential pitfalls of this.  What happens if 1 party earns considerably more?  Will there be feelings of unhappiness if both parties still contribute the same amount to the joint account?  Also, for the non-big ticket items (assuming big ticket will be paid from the joint account) items like daily meals, shopping for necessities, etc, who pays for these?  After all, every time 1 party forks out money from his/her individual account, there may be a potential issue of "if I pay for these items meant for common use, then I’ll have less money to spend on myself".  Or it’s like how some parents will tell their kid, "Go ask your mommy/daddy to buy the toy.  She/He’s richer".  That doesn’t sound very nice does it?  Money should not be something kids use to manipulate their parents… and we all know how manipulative kids can be (hey, we were like that too ok!)

Most importantly, the joint account should not be seen as an obligation to be fulfilled.  Just ‘cos I contributed my "quota" for the month, the rest of my pay should be used on myself only.  This creates feelings of selfishness and individualism which I guess just isn’t very helpful if you’re taking the pro-unity stand.

Third, I think the loving environment which our course moderators created for their family, esp. their 4 daughters in their growing up years is something worth emulating.  It’s hard to put in words but when you see it for yourself, you will realise that this is Christian love indeed.

Not that my parents were bad in any way.  But I suppose we always want to do better for our own families (with kids or otherwise) and that loving environment is something special.  With all the divorces going around these days, it’s comforting and reassuring to know that if you work at your marriage and guard it, married life can be good.

Anyway, it was an extremely enjoyable 6 sessions.  Thought it was best for me to jot this down so I won’t forget the 3 things that struck me the most.  Heh.  And if anyone who reads this is thinking of attending a WPC too, I would encourage you to go for it.  🙂