Singapore Law

I was quite incensed when I got an email from a London underwriter saying that he is not keen to underwrite contracts governed by Singapore law.  What a snooty, ill-informed London born Chinese.  Does he not know that Singapore law was derived from English law; that the English appeal courts have cited judgements made by Singapore courts in part of their verdicts; and that Singapore has been ranked by the World Bank as the easiest place to do business, for the third year in a row?

The stupidity I face everyday. 

For the full results of the World Bank survey, click here.

For more information on Singapore law, click here.


Ok… I should be more forgiving.  The underwriter replied to thank me for the website on Singapore law and said that he will read up on it.  He conceded that his comment was due to his lack of knowledge of Singapore law.  (I gave the reason that I wanted him to be comfortable with Singapore law since it’s based on English law and I foresee more deals with him going forward). 

I suppose some people (even if their ancestry is from China), may never have stepped into Asia before. 

I can be such a bitch.

Ignorance is Bliss

I’ve always felt that knowledge is power and it’s important to be aware of all news, good or bad, so as to make an informed decision.  Today however, I concede that sometimes, ignorance is bliss. 

Jazz has been wanting to get rid of her Ferragamo shoes for some time now (not sure for how long but they were sitting under her desk since I joined the company in 2006).  She knew that Bouncy would be able to fit the shoes but was very reluctant to bestow such good shoes on her.  Jazz asked BQ, Bubbs, me, and probably a host of other people to try the shoes but unfortunately, none of us could wear them. 

Finally, I saw Jazz letting Bouncy try the shoes this morning.  Bouncy, being a designer brand freak, was beaming with joy.  Not just the I-am-donning-on-designer-wear joy, but the I-am-the-chosen-one joy.  She was beaming with pride when we walked past her as she was trying on the shoes.  *Rolls eyes*.  I was thoroughly amused at how proud she was, not realising that the shoes have been sitting under Jazz’s desk for 2 years (at least), while Jazz searched for a new owner.

I suppose this is a Cinderella story that worked out well for Bouncy.  Hehe.  Ignorance, on the rare occasion, can be bliss.