I have a terrible habit.. when I get really really sick of work, I can stare at all the things that need to be done, all the e-mails that need to be replied, and not do anything.  Yup.  I’ll just procrastinate & stone.  It’s a terrible terrible habit.  Sigh.  Sian… no mood to work but so many things to do.  Bleah.

Viva M3xic0!

Celebrated my birthday at Viva Mexico with Azure, BQ and Iceman.  Here’re the pics!


Started off with yummy nachos… I think Viva Mexico gives this free…



Natural Lime Margarita



Guacamole dip (I think)


 P1020464 P1020465

Sizzling chicken and beef fajita






Booze Queen & Azure!



Some fish dish…



The table full of food!



Mango margarita



Yup… it’s the big 3-O.


  P1020482 P1020481

The panasonic FX33 doesn’t do very well in very dim lighting… I think BQ’s camera prob. had better pics!

Birthday Weekend

Wasn’t much of a birthday weekend since I only celebrated my birthday with 2 close gal pals and Iceman.  Main focus of this weekend was going for NTU Buddy’s wedding dinner and selecting photos from French Bridal to go into the wedding album.  I initially thought I might choose an additional 15 pics but Iceman and I were conservative in our selection so only 10 additional pics were chosen.  Not that it came cheap… the 10 photos cost us an additional $700.

Was looking through my cousin’s wedding album on Facebook and I noted a distinct difference in Iceman and my selection with… probably what I’ve seen in other people’s wedding albums so far.  Iceman and I didn’t choose any duplicated backdrops in our photos.  For e.g. if we had a series of photos taken with a swing, we would choose the nicest pic with the swing, and then move on to the next shot.  I sure hope I won’t regret this but when we were choosing the pics, I strongly felt that it would make the album more interesting if there was something different with each pic – be it a different gown, or different venue, or different prop (e.g. chair / bouquet / bunnies – ah yes.  One of the selected shots had Patience & MC in it).

Iceman also pointed out that the comedic/impromptu shots taken by Azure could be included in our photo montage and I’m quite likely to go for this.  Hehe… my ah lian pose, sticking tongue out pose, slipper pose and the the arty farty “blurred bouquet” pic.  Heh.

Anyway, time to sleep.  It’s going to be a busy week ahead with a tender proposal due on 22 May.  Bleah.  Wedding prep can be fun, albeit tiring!