Wedding Actual Day Montage

The photos from the actual wedding aren’t ready yet but our photographer, Lightbox Productions, helped burn a CD of the photos he used in the montage that was played during our wedding dinner.  Here’re some selected shots.  🙂



Iceman came with his merry band of brothers to “pick the bride” on 1 Aug 2009.


 BS004 BS005

I liked the shot of the brushes… so arty farty 😛


 BS006 BS007

My gown (from French Bridal) & shoes (from Leapin’ Lizards)


 BS008 BS010

The veil and a pic of MC watching the day’s proceedings


  BS015 BS017

Preparing the brothers’ “breakfast”…


BS016 BS018

So kind of the jiemeis right?



The kind sisters


 BS024 BS025

The veil goes on


 BS027 BS028

Iceman arrives


 BS030 BS031

The groom, his brothers and a basket of fruits


BS033 BS032

The guys attempting to imitate a rabbit


 BS036 BS037

The guys’ dancing had the sisters laughing hard


BS039 BS038

The brothers enjoying the breakfast


 BS041 BS048

My dad asking for an angbao too!  Hahahaha…


 BS051 BS052

Everyone’s favourite bridal car…


 BS059 BS060

Homemade tangyuan



I thought the orchids were quite unusual.  Cute tea set eh?


 BS065 BS068

Serving tea to both sets of parents.  My mom complained about the photo ‘cos her mouth was opened very big.. hahaha.


 BS069 BS070 BS071

Family photos… now if only we didn’t have to return the car…

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