Curly Hair & Me

I couldn’t resist – permed my hair last Fri.  Yuki did a “Japanese perm” this time – in short, my hair was set in curlers, doused with the first chemical, rinsed out, soaked with second chemical and the rinsed again.  The whole perming process took about 2+ hrs.  No heat was involved so the curls look softer.  They feel softer too… though mine have a tendency to straighten by half at the end of the day.  Not sure if it’s ‘cos my hair’s still very long.  Yuki said she deliberately used the medium sized curlers for me ‘cos my hair’s very stubborn… and the curls will turn into large curls by the end of the week.  I’m a little nervous abt it now actually… ‘cos I know my hair IS stubborn (yesh yesh, like me) and so I worry the curls may just disappear.

Anyway, to allay my fears, I decided to be proactive and so I searched online for “how to preserve curls while sleeping”.  This was the BEST (in terms of funniest) answer I found.


Click on the pic to see the answer!  😛

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