Steamboat Buffet @ Crystal Jade (Plaza Singapura)

Booze Queen, Iceman, Azure and I decided to check out the steamboat buffet at Crystal one rainy evening in March.  $18.90++ seemed like a good deal since we wanted an air-conditioned place for dinner.


For all who intend to go for it, do note that the “Spicy & Sour Tomato with Beancurd Soup” is not spicy at all!  It’s just mildly sour from the tomatoes added in.

I would recommend going for the Pig’s Bone soup base instead.  Very tasty!



The buffet also comes with complimentary Peking Duck Skin.  The wraps had a weird smell though – reminded me of raw egg white.. but they tasted all right, though it appeared pre-prepared.  Can skip this if you want to save your stomach for the steamboat.



The steamboat overall was satisfactory though not fantastic.  We had tons of sliced beef, corn, assortment of mushrooms, tang-o (not sure what’s this veg called in English), pork, meatballs, fishballs, etc.  The $18.90++ price wasn’t that great ‘cos the prawns and the more expensive types of fish were not part of the buffet items. 

Conclusion: Ok to go if you want an air-conditioned steamboat place.  None of the soups were spicy, which was a let down for me.  FYI, the price includes free flow of Coke / Sprite / Soya Bean milk / Chinese tea.

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