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Sugar & Spice

If you visit Taipei, visit Sugar & Spice (  The feuilletage is really good. I bought the onion flavoured ones.  🙂

Jiufen’s an old mining town with lots of shops selling local specialties & tea houses.     To get to Jiufen, we took the MRT to Taipei Main Station, then changed to an express train to Ruifang.     Here’s a pic of the train station at Ruifang.   You can get lots of snacks […]

Booze Queen, AK and I didn’t join the day tour organised by Chan Brothers.  Instead, we visited Danshui and Jiufen on our own.  Danshui was quite a nice place to relax and pig out.  The smell of salt was so strong!  I don’t think the water would’ve been æ·¡ at all! Smelly Toufu can be […]

Kiki’s Restaurant – serves Sichuan dishes.  Opened by Matilda Tao & some other celebrities.   Kangkong with fermented beancurd.  Reaaaaallly good.   Mala beef – this is a must try!  The medium spicy mala soup leaves a tingly feeling on the tongue.  The beef was tender & absorbed the flavour of the mala.  Soooooooooooooooooo good! […]

Just got back from our company’s teambuilding trip to Taipei.  It was great!  The food and shopping at TPE is definitely cheaper than in SG or HK, though I really detest the motor bikes there!  Here’re some memories of the trip.   Saw this sign at the airport.  What a nice way of you’re drinking […]

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