What It Means to Me

Someone shared last week that when she was younger, she used to see me lead worship in Senior Sunday School and felt that it was quite cool to be able to decide what song everyone sings. 

Someone asked on Twitter today what does “It is I who speak in righteousness, mighty to save” mean.

Opening my bible to read more about the context of the verse it came from (Isa 63:1), some old old cards fell out.

I read those cards.  They were from old friends, some of whom I no longer keep in contact with.  They reminded me of how we used to be close, of the happy memories we shared during our growing up years, and of the stubbornness that tore us apart. 

I struggled very long over how to reply the question on Isa 63:1.  Do I give the overview of what the book of Isaiah is about?  Do I give the different opinions different religious groups have?  Or do I share what the verse means to me?

In the end, I explained the verse in accordance to its significance to me.  I guess it’s what we feel in our hearts that matter.


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